24 Weeks After Gastric Bypass Surgery

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I cannot believe it’s been 24 weeks since my gastric bypass surgery. It feels like only yesterday that I was preparing myself and waiting for the operation to come. It has been a battle of ups and downs at times — yet, I’m feeling a lot happier today than many weeks earlier. Here I’m sharing with you my bypass surgery diet journey, including my emotional struggles. 

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Bypass Surgery Diet Journey

So I am officially 6 months out and am currently weighing in at 15 Stone and 7 pounds. I cannot believe it. I stood on the scales today and after 4 weeks of very little movement, I am finally weighing less than before. I am on track for my goal of 15 Stone, just in time for my 34th birthday in November. I think I may be able to do this if I don’t have another big stall.

Last week, I was afraid the weight loss had stopped for good but it must have just taken a month for my body to adjust and I am so happy to have lost 3 lbs after so long. Losing weight before and after gastric bypass is never easy. To be honest it is very similar emotionally and mentally to when I did weight watchers a few years back.

Bariatric Surgery is a Weight-Loss Tool

I still have to make big choices and do my part. The bypass is a tool to assist me in eating less at a time. I am making better choices. One benefit is I cannot stand foods or the smell of foods like Macdonalds. My daughter can have a happy meal and John have his favourite big tasty and I have no desire to have any of it. I’m happy to eat soup or cheese and tomato crackers or something more tasty.

I feel like I’m making a little progress again — that is a good feeling. In fact, I’m even excited! My next official weigh-in at the hospital is the start of fall. And, I will then find out if I’m on track.

After Gastric Bypass Surgery Diet

Yesterday, I made protein balls for the first time.

You see, I can eat chocolate but I don’t want to. It’s not good for the body and not part of the after bariatric surgery diet. I still have a sweet tooth and feel cravings for sweet food every day, especially after a meal in the evening. So, I decided to make a batch of almond and date protein balls and they turned out fabulous.

I’m limiting myself to one in the day and one in the evening. That’s my sweet fix for the day and some extra protein I need as a bariatric patient. I totally went off porridge after my operation and any sloppy cereal to the point I was not enjoying cereal anymore and struggling with breakfast.

This week, I had porridge again and it went down okay. I am mixing things up and having a slice of bacon with beans and tomato. In addition, eggs and beans or something high in protein is good for breakfast. I prefer to eat a protein breakfast {vs. cereal} but glad I like porridge again. I plan to grate apples into my porridge to add some natural sweetness.

For lunch, I’m eating crackers with cheese and tomato or cucumber or tuna. I’m having half a jacket potato with some salad or baked beans and protein. Some good protein examples for a gastric bypass diet are chicken, tuna or cottage cheese. Finally! I’m so glad I can finally eat certain foods again.

Bypass Surgery Side Effects

I haven’t had dumping syndrome and am yet to suffer from that. I simply don’t think my body gets it. Drink wise, I’m having milk, water and Barleycup which is a nice non- caffeinated hot drink.

Honestly, I’m trying to eat healthy in the evenings, which is the hardest time for me. If John and Sylvia eat any forbidden food on my bariatric diet, I will have soup or make Shepherds Pie. I am cooking slow cooker meals once a week for the weekends. All of these gastric bypass friendly recipes have tons of vegetables, beans and chicken in them. And, the whole family loves these delicious meals.

Seriously, I like fish fingers and strangely enough, I crave potato waffles with baked beans. Waffles are not the best option, yet, I’ve had one a week as a treat and it goes down okay. I consulted with my dietician and she said to eat 1200-1500 calories per day. Thankfully, I am not eating over that threshold.

Gastric Bypass Surgery for Weight Loss

It’s true — the key to eating healthy is to avoid or limit treats and “less healthy” options. To be honest, it can difficult to eat bread again. For example, I’m in the mood for pizza and potatoes a lot. I guess it’s the body wanting carbs. But, instead of buying pizza, we have created homemade healthy pizza on flatbread. And, I can only manage a slice or two of vegetable pizza. 

Sylvia had fun making pizzas with me too so that’s really cool. I went to the library to look up slow cooker recipes. Plus,I looked up healthy treats, non-processed and healthy fats. My goal is to try and bake/make something extra healthy each week. Protein balls will help me avoid chocolate — it’s the one thing I am fighting so hard not to eat!

After Gastric Bypass Surgery Progress

Well, that’s my progress for the week. I am also doing little arm exercises each day and walking for a minute and resting. It’s small steps for me, but I think these things are helping. My confidence is also growing a little. I got myself a nice bag and a purse and when I lose enough weight to move down a dress size, I am going to buy some sportswear from the supermarket. I like leggings and sports tops so that’s the plan.

Emotionally, here are my gastric bypass surgery results. I’m beginning to feel more beautiful, slimmer, and extremely excited about my body. Honestly, I’m still a little concerned I won’t ever be at a healthy BMI range. Yet, I figure all of the worries about the weight loss will stop eventually. 

I am planning to join most likely Weight Watchers once I reach my 15 stone mark. It’s not really in the family budget, so I’m putting it off for a while but will join up soon.

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  1. Oh wow! 24 weeks has flown over….
    Ahh! I’m so pleased you have lost a little more weight. I know how worried you were when you stalled.
    It sounds like you are doing so well with the healthy eating and exercising.
    Keep up the good work Angela….You are amazing and you are beautiful. I’m so glad you are feeling that now x

  2. Oh Angela you are doing so, so well! And looking really fab not just because of the weight loss but you have a sparkle in your eyes. Good luck with you getting to your 15 stone target. I think slow and steady definitely wins the race. S x

    1. Thanks Sarah. It’s been tough and I find it hard as im hardly losing any compared to before but I will keep at it. I really want to reach 15 stone one day!

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