About the Chow Train

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We are pleased to announce that TheChowTrain.com was acquired in January 2023 by Award Winning Blogger, Cooking Teacher & Food Storage Enthusiast, Angela Milnes.

With this acquisition, Angela Milnes is committing to sharing the best food tips and tricks for cooking along with ideas for cooking cheap healthy meals as we navigate the current cost of living crisis around the world.

About The Chow Train

Fighting Hunger One Plate at a Time

This site is dedicated to “fighting hunger one plate at a time“. We not only teach cooking skills and top tips for making easy-budget meals, but we also share great recipe suggestions for feeding large crowds including the homeless, those visiting soup kitchens and of course everyday families struggling with poverty and food insecurity.

About The Chow Train

The Chow Train Food Truck

The Chow Train website was previously owned by Chef Joan Cheever and focussed on the story of The Chow Train, a NonProfit Food Truck dedicated to providing gourmet, restaurant-quality, healthy food to the homeless on a Tuesday night in the streets of San Antonio, Texas.

About The Chow Train

Chef Joan Cheever: An Inspiration

Chef Joan’s passion for helping those in need and making a difference has been the driving force behind the acquisition of TheChowTrain, allowing Angela Milnes to continue the fight to enable all families and individuals to enjoy healthy nutritious meals on a budget no matter what their economic situation.

The Chow Train had a small team of professional chefs run by Joan and her husband and often travelled to disaster relief zones beyond the city of San Antonio. The last meal served by The Chow Train was on Christmas Night in 2018, in downtown San Antonio.

About The Chow Train

The Chow Train Continues…

Our website The Chow Train serves people, by educating and sharing the best tips and recipes online, whilst actively promoting self-sufficiency, food storage and healthy cooking.

Budget-Friendly Recipes and Tips

We are excited about this new acquisition and look forward to bringing meaningful content to our readers, while also doing our part to help alleviate food insecurity around the world. It’s no longer just in Maverick Park, San Antonio.

About The Chow Train

The Chow Train: Our Mission

TheChowTrain.com seeks to make meals accessible and enjoyable, whilst also helping people move towards self-sufficiency.

Our mission is to deliver healthy recipe ideas with a focus on nutrition, preparedness and budgeting.

The Chow Train’s mission has moved beyond encouraging the traditional Tuesday Dinner or free lunch and now seeks to teach people to serve and help one another, to prepare for the hard times ahead and to continue to feed the hungry wholesome nutritious meals one plate at a time.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!


The Chow Train Team

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