Bariatric Meal 14 Weeks After Gastric Bypass

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Well, since having my Gastric bypass 14 weeks tomorrow, I wanted to share a photo of the food I am now having. I tried this meal. I managed the chicken and potato and one tomato. However, I tried lettuce but it could not stay down. Really, I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to tolerate salad/lettuce again. Here are my results after a gastric bypass – 14 weeks check-in. 

Eating After a Gastric Bypass

They say if you can’t eat a certain food then try again in a few months. I shall try the lettuce again. I really do want to be able to eat salad! This part has been extremely frustrating.

weight loss journey

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It’s still very tough, but, I’m only sick about once or twice a week now . A few weeks ago, it would be 12-14 times a day. Yet, I’m learning how to eat slow and chew chew chew. It’s a slooowww process. Plus, I’m eating 6 small meals a day and the reality is — I won’t ever finish the plate. Honestly, I have to leave food — I can’t eat everything on my plate.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Side Effects: Eating Out

I think going out to eat is hard. I can’t enjoy a lovely, delicious meal yet. I’ve heard other bariatric patients say they manage a child-size meal — but mentally and psychologically it’s difficult to accomplish. It’s tough not being able to eat the same foods as my family or the same size meals. In addition, I can’t even eat certain healthy meals. My gastric bypass diet is not enjoyable or pleasurable right now at 14 weeks.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Risks

However, this was my choice and I did it to improve 3 things: my health, my weight and by cutting down my weight. Plus, I cut down the steroid dose which helps prevent diabetes, bone issues and other conditions. So, as hard as it is, I’ll get used to it. One day, I will enjoy the success as a bariatric patient after a gastric bypass. The liver shrinking diet was hard but life after gastric bypass is even harder!

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