Best Vegetarian Cookbooks to Add On Your Shelf

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Best Vegetarian Cookbooks to Add on Your Shelf

If you are new to the vegetarian lifestyle, deciding what to cook may be tough. By “new,” we mean you have just decided to steer clear of meat or you made that decision not too long ago. Even long-time vegetarians are sometimes at a loss for what to cook, so it is okay. Thankfully, we have experts in this area who understand how you feel and have created helpful cookbooks for you.

These cookbooks contain a wide range of recipes for delicious meat-free meals as well as strictly-vegan dishes. Apart from the recipes, they also explicitly and clearly list the instructions for preparing each meal. Thus, get your check ready or buy Bitcoin with debit card to purchase any (or all) of these amazing vegetarian cookbooks.

Best Vegetarian Cookbooks

Mark Bittman’s “How to Cook Everything Vegetarian”

Bittman’s “How to Cook Everything Vegetarian” is a recipe-rich cookbook that includes meal ideas for everyone. Whether you’re a strict vegan or you still eat meat once in a while, you will find a recipe for you.

It also includes additional recipes for drinks, including smoothies and milk, as well as color photography. What makes this book great is the added enlightening instructions and lists of suggestions, providing straightforward cooking instructions.

The Chef/Brother Duo’s “The Wicked Healthy Cookbook”

“The Wicked Healthy Cookbook,” written by Chad and Derek Sarno and David Joachim contains unconventional but easy vegetarian recipes. It is a great book to buy if you find you’re always running out of ideas on what to eat.

From simple veggie dishes to exquisite strictly-vegetarian recipes, the book contains something for everyone. The best part is that the recipes are healthy – so much so that your doctor would recommend them for you.

“Vegetables Unleashed” by James Beard and Jose Andres

Jose Andres, the star chef, and James Beard, the award-winning writer, have put their years of expertise into this cookbook. This book changes your general outlook on the vegan lifestyle, providing recipes for a wide range of dishes and borderless cooking.

“Vegetables Unleashed” provides tricks and tips in addition to the recipes behind Andres award-winning dishes. You’ll also discover why America considers Jose Andres one of the most important chefs in the vegetable kingdom.

Joshua McFadden’s “Six Seasons”

Joshua McFadden is an expert on all things vegetarian, which is why Portland considers him a vegetable whisperer. “Six Seasons” was his first book; he channels chef and farmer and highlights evolving attributes of vegetables in their growing seasons.

Each chapter of the 225-page book features recipes for making delicious vegetarian meals and simple instructions for cooking. Apart from showing you how to mix them to make a delicious meal, this cookbook will help you understand vegetables better.

Jamie Oliver’s “Veg”

Jamie Oliver’s cookbook, VEG, covers a series of accessible, easy, and flavor-rich vegetarian recipes for the casual and strict vegetarian. It covers breakfast, lunch, and vegetarian dinner recipes, as well as vegan dishes you can share with friends.

The cookbook contains easy recipes for phenomenal meals, not just for the vegetarian, but also for the lover of brilliant flavor combinations. The meat-free cookbook contains experience-inspired tricks and tips from Jamie Oliver that’ll make you appreciate the veggie lifestyle even more.

Angela Liddon’s “The Oh She Glows Cookbook”

In “The Oh She Glows Cookbook” contains great veggie recipes that will make you, well, glow. Written by someone who had suffered from an eating disorder, this cookbook explores the plant-based lifestyle.

In the cookbook, Liddon replaces low-calorie, processed food with nutrient-packed whole foods for the average and strict vegetarian. From the one hundred vegan recipes contained in the book, you are sure to find several that’ll suit your needs.

Dana Shultz’s “Everyday Cooking”

“Everyday Cooking” by Minimalist Baker (also known as Dana Shultz) covers vegan recipes that make being a vegetarian worth it. Every recipe in this cookbook contains ten ingredients at the most, one bowl or pot, and less than thirty minutes of cooking. If you do not like your kitchen messed up because of cooking, this is one of the best vegetarian cookbooks to buy.

Nobu Matsuhisa’s “Vegetarian Cookbook”

Nobu’s Vegetarian Cookbook contains creative, exquisite, and expertly-crafted recipes for vegan dishes – just like the infamous Nobu restaurant cooks them. It contains great recipes, especially for Japanese cuisine, for preparing vegetables in different ways, including boiling, frying, pickling, roasting, and steaming.

Apart from the recipes for savory veggie meals, “Nobu’s Vegetarian Cookbook” also contains recipes for vegan cocktails and desserts.

Yottam Ottolenghi’s “Plenty”

Yottam Ottolenghi’s cookbook, “Plenty,” came out in 2011 and was popular as soon as it came out. With 120 vegan recipes, the vegetarian world considers this book a masterpiece for cooking delicious meals with only vegetables. Ottolenghi arranged the recipes by ingredient, ensuring that each recipe is better than the next one.


Being a vegetarian is always worth it; you’re protecting the planet and also helping yourself gain financial freedom. If you’re ready to adopt a vegan lifestyle, these are great vegetarian cookbooks with exquisite recipes to add to your shelf.

While you can find vegetarian recipes anywhere online, we prefer cookbooks because experts write them, which means quality information. With these cookbooks, racking your brain on what veggie meal to prepare will become history.

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