Can Watermelon Go Bad?

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Sometimes we take it for granted that certain fruit or veggies will last forever, but this isn’t always the case. Watermelon is a delicious summertime treat, and you can buy it in abundance during its peak season – which happens to be right now! That being said, do you ever find yourself wondering can watermelon go bad? The answer may surprise you!

Can Watermelon Go Bad

In this article, we’ll explore how long watermelons stay fresh and how to know when a watermelon has gone bad. We’ll also discuss storage tips so your juicy slices will be as flavorful as possible. Read on to get all the sweet details!

What Is a Watermelon?

Watermelon is a large, round fruit with a tough light green to dark green rind color and bright red, yellow, or orange flesh. It’s made up of 92% water and has a sweet taste that’s perfect for summer picnics and barbecues. Watermelons are packed full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which support good health.

Types of Watermelon

There are many different types of watermelon available in the United States. The most popular varieties are seedless, yellow-fleshed, and icebox watermelons.

Can Watermelon Go Bad

Seedless watermelons don’t contain black seeds, while yellow-fleshed ones have a slightly different flavor than traditional red watermelons.

Icebox melons are smaller and perfect for individual servings. They are also the sweetest variety of watermelon.

How Long Do Watermelons Last?

Watermelons are quite durable, which means they usually last a long time. Depending on the variety and ripeness, they can stay fresh for up to 2 weeks when stored at room temperature.

The time for a watermelon to stay fresh depends on the storage method; for example, watermelon in the fridge will last longer than watermelon out of the fridge, and frozen watermelon will last even longer.

How to Know When a Watermelon Is Ripe?

When shopping for watermelons, it’s important to look for ripe ones. An unripe watermelon will be hard and have light green skin with faint stripes, whereas a ripe one is firm yet slightly soft when gently pressed.

The surface should also be dull in color, and the melon’s bottom should feel heavy for its size.

The stem should also be dried up, and the center of the melon should make a hollow sound when tapped.

How Do You Know a Watermelon Has Gone Bad?

Have you ever wondered how you can tell about a spoiled watermelon? Several signs and indicators can help you determine if a watermelon has gone bad from appearance to smell to texture.

Here are the most common indicators that your watermelon is no longer fresh:

Watermelon Color

Have you ever wondered how to tell if a watermelon is still fresh or rotten? Look no further than the watermelon rind! When a watermelon starts to spoil, it loses its consistent pine green shade. The green spots on the rind can become dull and yellow, almost paper-like, making it look cracked or dry. As soon as you see this discoloration, it’s time to move on to another option.

Can Watermelon Go Bad

You can also check from watermelon flesh by making a little cut. Deep pink or clear red indicates the fruit is healthy.

Watermelon Smell

If the smell of the watermelon flesh is pleasant and sweet, then you’re good to go! However, if the watermelon smells tangy or smells sour in any way, then it’s no longer fresh. Avoid eating rotten watermelon, as it can be dangerous to your health.

Watermelon Texture

An important indicator that watermelon is bad is the texture of its flesh. As watermelon ages, it begins to soften and lose its crunch. This can also indicate a fungal infection that has begun to spread throughout the watermelon, giving it an off-putting flavor.

Can Watermelon Go Bad

To ensure your watermelons stay fresh, check the texture of their flesh before cutting them open, and always discard any watermelon that feels overly soft or mushy.

Mold on Watermelon

Mold on a watermelon is one of the signs that it’s past its best and no longer safe to eat. If a watermelon has white patches, spots, or fuzz on its surface, it is almost certainly down to mould growth and is no longer edible. Eating bad watermelon results in food poisoning and other related illnesses.

Can Watermelon Go Bad

Soft Spots on Watermelon

If you come across dark-colored spots on the outside of the watermelon, this is one of the first tell-tale signs that it is a bad watermelon. Give it a gentle squeeze; if you feel any soft spots, it’s not fresh anymore and should be discarded. The dark-colored spots combined with soft patches signify that important nutrients in the fruit have been lost over time.

How to Store Watermelon in the Fridge?

Storing cut watermelon in the fridge is easy and can help to keep it fresh while you savor the juicy, sweet flavor. To get started, cut the watermelon into pieces and wrap each piece tightly with plastic wrap or aluminum foil. This helps to prevent air exposure which can spoil the fruit quickly.

Once the pieces are wrapped securely, please place them in an airtight container and store them in the refrigerator. You can also store sliced watermelon in a container or resealable bag, but remember to cut it before you eat it for maximum refreshment.

How Long Does Watermelon Store in the Fridge?

If you’re wondering how long a watermelon can stay in your refrigerator after buying it, the answer depends on the condition of the watermelon when it was bought.

An uncut watermelon that is fresh and sun-ripened can last about a week. It’s best to store whole watermelons unwashed and uncovered at room temperature until ripe, then move them to the refrigerator, where they will keep for several days.

If already cut up into pieces when purchased, keep the melon refrigerated and covered with plastic wrap or an airtight container – it should last about 3-4 days.

It’s important to remember that, unlike other fruits, watermelon changes texture quickly and will become soft when overripe, so enjoy it as soon as possible for maximum freshness!

Does a Whole Watermelon Last Longer Than Pre-cut Watermelon?

Whole watermelons can stay fresher for longer than pre-cut packages of watermelon. Whole watermelons are still in one piece, so the protective rind helps to preserve them better. When the pre-cut watermelon packages are cut open, it leaves more exposed and vulnerable to spoiling.

Can Watermelon Go Bad

Whole watermelons also usually won’t be close to their expiration date when purchased, unlike some pre-cut watermelon packages that sometimes come close to their expiration date when sold. If you’re looking for something that will last a long time, whole watermelon is the way to go!

Can You Freeze Watermelon?

Yes, it is possible to freeze watermelon! This delicious summer treat adds greatly to recipes like smoothies or frozen desserts.

Can You Freeze a Whole Watermelon?

Whole watermelons are an incredibly versatile summer fruit, able to be eaten as-is, cut and grilled, or blended into a delicious smoothie. But can they be frozen? The answer is yes and no – while you can freeze the flesh of a whole watermelon to use later, it is impossible to successfully freeze the entire melon and then have it be edible afterwards.

Freezing significantly changes the cell structure of watermelon flesh, making it mealy or mushy when thawed out. Whole watermelons are part of big potlucks and festivals due to their mass size, so if you need one for an event, make sure to pick up a fresh one rather than try your luck with freezing!

How to Freeze Watermelon?

Freezing watermelon is a great way to save your ripe watermelon for up to 6 months! The process is easy – picking the right ripe watermelon is key. After you have chosen your watermelon, cut it into the desired shapes and sizes. Then place them in airtight containers or freezer bags.

Remember to label the container or freezer bag with the date so you know when you froze it! Lastly, put your airtight containers or freezer bags in the freezer and enjoy your frozen watermelon any time of year!

How to Freeze Watermelon Cubes?

Frozen watermelon cubes are an easy and delicious way to cool off on a hot summer day. A good watermelon to freeze its cubes will be very sweet, with no dents or bruises, and has deep pink flesh.

Can Watermelon Go Bad

Begin by cutting your watermelon into cubes, then lay them out in a single layer on a baking sheet, ensuring that the cubes are not stacked or touching each other. Put the baking sheet with the watermelon cubes in the freezer for two hours, then transfer them to a freezer bag or airtight container and freeze them to enjoy them for a whole year.

You can add watermelon cubes to water bottles, smoothies, and fruit salads, or have them like ice cubes. Enjoy cool watermelon treats all summer long!

How to Freeze Watermelon Slices?

One of the simplest ways to enjoy sliced watermelon all year round is to freeze it. It’s a great way to keep your favorite summer fruit on hand while avoiding trips to the grocery store! To get started, cut watermelons into slices.

Can Watermelon Go Bad

Once sliced, place them on parchment paper and evenly spread them out in a single layer. Then, pop them in the freezer for about two hours until they are solid and frozen. That’s it – you can now enjoy delicious watermelon at any time!

Does Plastic Wrap Prolong the Shelf Life of Watermelon?

Fortunately, plastic wrap can help extend the lifespan of this delicious fruit. Studies have discovered that when watermelons are stored in plastic wrap, bacteria growth is reduced, prolonging the shelf life of a cut watermelon from 48 hours to up to five days.

Can Watermelon Go Bad

Research also shows that wrapping chopped or sliced watermelon with plastic wrap prevents moisture loss better than if it were stored without any covering. 

Best Way to Cut Sliced Watermelon

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to make slicing your watermelon easy. First, start by rinsing the outside and then using a sharp knife to cut off the top and bottom. You can start slicing the melon in half, then quarters if needed. This will help you get stuck with wedges that are easier to slice into smaller pieces.

Can Watermelon Go Bad

Once the wedges are separated from each other, slice away from the rind – this is often the trickiest part of slicing up a watermelon! For added convenience, consider investing in specialized utensils designed specifically for cutting through thicker fruit skins like watermelon rinds.

Best Uses for Leftover Watermelon

Are you looking for ways to make use of that leftover watermelon? Here are a few ideas to get the most out of your melon:

Watermelon Rind Pickles

One of the most creative uses for leftover watermelon is to create rind pickles. To make watermelon rind pickles, remove the green skin and white flesh from the rind and cut it into small pieces. Then, you will need to soak the rind in a pickling solution overnight. The next day, drain the rind and cook it in vinegar for about 30 minutes. Once the pickles are cooked, you can store them in a jar in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Can Watermelon Go Bad

Watermelon Juice

Another great way to use leftover watermelon is to make watermelon juice. To make watermelon juice, blend the flesh in a blender until it is smooth. Then, strain the juice through a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth to remove any pulp or seeds. Watermelon juice is a refreshing summer drink that can be enjoyed on its own or used as a base for cocktails or other beverages.

Can Watermelon Go Bad

Watermelon Salad

Watermelon salad is a refreshing and healthy dish perfect for summertime gatherings. To make a watermelon salad, combine cubed watermelon with diced cucumber, feta cheese, and mint leaves. Next, dress the salad with a flavorful vinaigrette consisting of olive oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper to taste. This salad can be served as a side dish or a light main course.

Can Watermelon Go Bad

Watermelon Sorbet

Watermelon sorbet is a refreshing and delicious treat perfect for a hot day. To make watermelon sorbet, blend cubed watermelon in a blender until it is smooth. Then, add sugar and lemon juice to taste and blend again until combined. Pour the mixture into an ice cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Once frozen, transfer the sorbet to an airtight container and store it in the freezer for up to two weeks.

Can Watermelon Go Bad

Benefits of Watermelon Fruit Infused Water

Watermelon-infused water is a great drink to have on a hot summer day. It contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that support good health.

Can Watermelon Go Bad

How to Make Watermelon Fruit-Infused Water?

To make watermelon-infused water, add freshly cut pieces of watermelon to a large pitcher of cold water, allow it to sit overnight in the fridge, and then enjoy!

So How Long Does Watermelon Last? – Conclusion

The span life of a watermelon depends on the method of storage. It can last for about a week when stored properly in the fridge or a cool place. It can last up to a year when it is frozen. Or it can last up to 2 weeks when stored at room temperature. Watermelon is great for the whole foods diet and a tasty delight.

Additionally, wrapping cut watermelon in plastic wrap helps to retain the moisture and keep it fresh for longer. Finally, there are many creative ways to use leftover watermelons, such as making rind pickles, juice, sorbet, and fruit-infused water. Enjoy your melon!

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