Foods That Start With H 

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Have you ever heard the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? It’s certainly true that eating healthy can help keep your body and mind in tip-top shape. But did you know there are plenty of other delicious, nutritious foods that start with H?

Foods Beginning With H

In this article, we’ll discuss some of these nutritious and tantalizing eats – from honeydew melon to hummus! Read on to discover how incorporating these foods beginning with H into your diet can make for a flavorful meal or snack time experience


Honey is a sweet, viscous food substance produced by bees. Honey is used in cooking and baking, but it is also used as a natural sweetener in many foods.

What Does Honey Taste Like?

Honey has a unique, rich flavor that tastes slightly sweet with an earthy undertone. Depending on where the honey came from, it may also have hints of other flavors like vanilla or cinnamon.

honey and fresh honeycombs


Horseradish is a root vegetable that is closely related to mustard and cabbage. The plant grows up to two feet tall and has large, green leaves. The roots of the plant are typically harvested in the fall or winter and can be grated and used as a condiment.

How To Use Horseradish

Horseradish is most commonly mixed with mayonnaise to make a piquant condiment for meat, fish, and poultry dishes. This combination known as Horseradish sauce has been used for centuries as a way of accentuating the flavor of these protein-heavy foods.

Homemade Horseradish


Hazelnuts are the edible nuts of the hazel tree. The trees are native to Europe, Asia, and North America, and they have been cultivated for centuries.

Can You Bake WIth Hazelnuts?

Hazelnuts are often used in baking and cooking, as well as being eaten on their own as a snack food.

Filbert  nuts


Hummus is a thick, creamy paste made from blending chickpeas, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, and tahini. It is popular in Middle Eastern cuisine and is often served as a dip or spread.

Hummus can be made with either fresh or canned chickpeas. It is also a popular ingredient in vegetarian dishes, as it provides a rich source of protein and fiber.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus


Herbs are plants with aromatic leaves that are used for flavoring food or for medicinal purposes.

What Are Some Popular Herbs?

Common herbs include basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, and sage. Herbs can be used fresh, dried, or ground into a powder.

Fresh herbs hanging

Hoisin Sauce

Hoisin sauce is an Asian sauce made from soybeans, vinegar, garlic, and chilis. It is widely used in Chinese cuisine as a marinade for meat or as an ingredient in stir-fries.

What Does Hoisin Sauce Taste Like?

Hoison has a salty-sweet flavor with a hint of spiciness. It is often used in recipes that contain other strong flavors, such as ginger or garlic.



Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish made from sheep innards and oatmeal. Although the name may sound unappetizing to some, many people consider haggis to be one of their favorite dishes. It is typically served on Burns Night, a holiday that celebrates the life of poet Robert Burns.

What Does Haggis Taste Like?

Haggis has a rich, savory flavor with notes of beef and lamb. It is made with different spices depending on the recipe, but it typically has a strong garlic flavor as well.

What To Serve With Haggis?

Haggis is commonly eaten with mashed potatoes, neeps (mashed turnips), and tatties (mashed potatoes). It is also sometimes served with a side of haggis pakora, which are deep-fried balls made from haggis.

Hakusai Cabbage

Hakusai cabbage, also known as Chinese cabbage or napa cabbage, is a leafy green vegetable that is popular in Asian cuisine.

How To Use Hakusai Cabbage?

One of the most common ways to use hakusai cabbage is in stir-fries, where it can be paired with other vegetables such as carrots, onions, and mushrooms. It can also be used for cabbage rolls or as a topping for soups or salads.

Chinese cabbage


Halibut is a type of flatfish that lives in the North Pacific Ocean. Halibut can be cooked by baking, frying, grilling, or broiling.

What Does Halibut Taste Like?

Halibut has a firm flesh that is quite mild. It is often served with lemon juice and herbs to complement its mild flavor.

smoked halibut

Hakka Noodles

Hakka noodles are a popular Chinese dish made from wheat flour, salt, and water. They are typically stir-fried in oil or broth and served with meat or vegetables. Hakka noodles are a favorite comfort food in China and around the world.

Chow Mein Vs Lo Mein


Halwa is a sweet dessert dish that is popular in many Middle Eastern and South Asian countries. It varies from region to region, but typically consists of nuts or dried fruit cooked in butter, sugar syrup, or honey.

What Does Halwa Taste Like?

Halwa has a rich, sweet flavor that is often enhanced with spices such as cinnamon or nutmeg. It can be made with a variety of different nuts and dried fruits, and the texture can range from chewy to creamy depending on the recipe.

Gajar halwa

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea is made from the dried petals of the hibiscus flower. It has a tart flavor and is high in antioxidants.

Do You Drink Hibiscus Tea Hot Or Cold?

Hibiscus tea has thin green stalks that can be enjoyed hot or cold and is sometimes sweetened with sugar or honey.

hibiscus tea


Ham is a type of pork that has been cured, smoked or both. It is often served as a main dish, but can also be used in sandwiches, salads, and other dishes.

Is Ham Healthy?

Ham is a cured meat high in protein and fat and should be consumed in moderation as part of a healthy diet. Learn how to make Instant Pot Ham here!

Instant Pot Boneless Ham-Feature-Image

Hokkein Noodles

Hokkein noodles are a type of Chinese egg noodle that is popular for its chewy texture. They can be used in stir-fries or soups, and also served as a side dish with meat or vegetables.

How To Cook Hokkein Noodles?

To cook hokkein noodles, simply boil them in a pot of water according to the package instructions. You can add your choice of seasonings or vegetables, or serve them plain with a drizzle of olive oil and some freshly ground black pepper.

Hokkein noodles can also be stir-fried or pan-fried for a crispy texture. Whatever method you choose, hokkein noodles are quick to cook.

Instant Pot Lo Mein

HoHo Cakes

HoHo cakes are a type of sweet snack cake that is popular in many countries around the world. They are typically made from flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and other ingredients, and can be glazed or decorated with frosting or sprinkles.

What Do HoHo Cakes Taste Like?

Ho Ho Cakes are sweet and buttery, with a soft and cake-like texture. They can be enjoyed plain or dusted with powdered sugar, and are typically eaten as a snack or dessert.

Homemade Pizza

Homemade pizza is always a hit! You can use store-bought dough or make your own, then top it with your favorite toppings.

What Toppings To Put On Pizza?

There are endless possibilities when it comes to pizza toppings. Popular options include pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, and olives. Some people prefer a simpler approach with just cheese and sauce.

You can also add tropical fruit such as pineapple or mango to pizza with delicious results. Learn how to proof pizza dough here!

alfredo sauce pizza

Habanero Pepper

The habanero pepper is a type of chili pepper that has a bright orange color and intense heat. It is commonly used in spicy dishes such as salsa, chutneys, and hot sauces.

Is The Habanero Pepper Hot?

Yes, the habanero pepper is very hot! In fact, it’s one of the spiciest peppers in the world, with a Scoville heat rating of up to 350,000 units.

This makes the habanero an excellent choice for adding heat and flavor to spicy dishes. However, it should be used sparingly, as its intense heat can easily overpower other flavors.


Haricot Beans

Haricot beans, also known as navy beans or white pea beans, are a type of legume that is popular in many different types of cuisine.

instant pot beans for ham and bean soup

How To Use Haricot Beans

These fresh green beans are often used in soups and stews, but can also be eaten on their own as a side dish to complement the main course.

Haricot Beans are often used to make baked beans and dishes such as Boston Beans or Hawaiian Baked Beans.

hawaiian baked beans

Hot Sauce

Hot sauce is a spicy condiment typically made from chili peppers and vinegar. It is used to add heat and flavor to a variety of dishes, including pizza, omelets, sandwiches, tacos, soups, seafood, and more.

Where To Buy Hot Sauce?

Hot sauce can be purchased in most grocery stores or made at home using fresh ingredients.

Hyacinth Beans

Hyacinth beans, also called Egyptian kidney beans or lablab beans, are a staple food in many countries around the world.

They are commonly cooked by boiling them with sugar and spices, then enjoyed on their own or as an ingredient in other dishes.

green hyacinth beans

What Color Are Hyacinth Beans?

Hyacinth beans typically have deep purple outer pods on the outside with bright green inner beans and inner pods. However, the more mature the bean the more the pods turn dark green.


Huauzontle is a type of wild edible plant that is widely foraged for in Mexico and other parts of Latin America.

What Does Huauzontle Taste Like?

Huauzontle has a nutty, slightly sweet flavor that goes well with both savory and sweet dishes. It has green leafy stems and clusters similar to small broccoli florets.

Hass Avocados

Hass avocados are a type of avocado with dark green skin that has a pebbly texture.

Hass Avocados have a rich, buttery flavor and smooth texture that makes them perfect for use in guacamole, salads, sandwiches, tacos, or any other dish that could benefit from the addition of healthy fats.

Are Avocados Healthy?

Yes, avocados are full of healthy fats and other nutrients that make them a great addition to any diet.

They are also high in potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin K, making them an ideal food for people with diabetes or heart disease. Try one of these stuffed avocado recipes today!

Can You Freeze Avocados

Hasselback Potatoes

Hasselback potatoes are a popular side dish that is typically made using russet potatoes and topped with butter, salt, and herbs.

These potato slices are thinly sliced, but not all the way through, to create a fan-like shape. Hasselback potatoes can be enjoyed as a simple side or enhanced with additional toppings, such as bacon and cheese.

IMG 1392

Hubbard Squash

Hubbard squash is a large, round winter squash that has an orange-yellow or green skin and white flesh inside.

How To Use Hubbard Squash?

This hearty vegetable can be used in soups and stews, roasted on its own, or stuffed with meat and other fillings such as pie filling. It can also be mashed or pureed to create a smooth, creamy dish that pairs well with other flavors.

hubbard pumpkins

Hinona Kabu

Hinona kabu, also known as turnip greens or spinach mustard, is a type of green vegetable with thin, jagged leaves.

This plant can be boiled and eaten on its own or incorporated into salads, soups, stews, and other dishes for added flavor and texture.

What Color Is Hinona Kabu?

Hinona Kabu is carrot-shaped with a white body, bright purple shoulders and purple stems.

Hollandaise Sauce

Hollandaise sauce is a classic French sauce made from butter, egg yolks, and lemon juice. It has a rich, creamy flavor that pairs well with many different types of dishes, including eggs Benedict, steamed vegetables, fish, chicken, and more.

This versatile sauce can be enjoyed hot or cold and is easy to make.

Eggs benedict


Halloumi cheese, also known as halloumi or hellim, is a type of sheep’s milk cheese that originated in Cyprus.

What Does Halloumi Taste Like?

Halloumi has a mild flavor and a very high melting point, which makes it perfect for grilling, frying, or baking.

Halloumi cheese is typically enjoyed on its own or as part of a gourmet cheese selection. Halloumi cheese is also a popular ingredient in many Mediterranean dishes, such as stews and salads. Check out these Halloumi Cheese recipes for inspiration.


Huevos Rancheros

Huevos rancheros is a traditional Mexican breakfast dish consisting of eggs, tortillas, salsa, and beans. It’s simple to make and can be easily customized to your liking.

What Does Huevos Rancheros Taste Like?

Huevos rancheros has a rich, savory flavor with spicy notes from the salsa. The creamy beans and soft tortillas also help to balance out the dish, making it a satisfying breakfast that can keep you full for hours.

Huevos rancheros

Husk Tomato

The husk tomato is a type of fruit that grows on plants related to tomatoes and eggplants. It has an inedible, papery husk covering a small, green fruit with a sweet taste similar to that of a tomato.

Used In Sweet and Savory Recipes

Husk tomatoes are typically eaten raw but can also be cooked or added to smoothies, sauces and popular Mexican dishes.

organic physalis

Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are a great source of protein and can be enjoyed on their own or used in a variety of recipes. They can be hard-boiled, soft-boiled, steamed, or poached, depending on your preferred method of preparation.

Learn how to make Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs here!

eggs cooked in the air fryer

Hamburg Parsley

Hamburg parsley is a type of root vegetable that is popular in German and Scandinavian cuisines. It has a mild flavor similar to celery, but with a bit more bite.

How To Use Hamburg Parsley

Hamburg parsley can be enjoyed on its own or added to soups, stews, salads, and other dishes for an extra dose of flavor and nutrition.

Hackberry Fruit

Hackberry fruit is a type of berry that has dark purple-black skin and sweet flesh. It can be enjoyed on its own or used to make jams, pies, ice cream, and other desserts. Hackberry fruit is also popular for its high amount of antioxidants and health benefits.

Hatch Chilis

Hatch chilis are a type of chili pepper that is grown in the Hatch region of New Mexico. They have a rich, smoky flavor and are often eaten roasted or blended into sauces.

Hatch chilis can be purchased fresh or dried online or in specialty grocery stores and used to add heat and flavor to soups, stews, chilis, and other dishes.

Hatch chile peppers

Hash Browns

Hash browns are a classic breakfast food made from shredded potatoes that are fried until golden brown and crispy. They’re delicious on their own or as part of a tater tot casserole!

Tater Tot Casserole on served

Honeydew Melon

Honeydew melon is a type of winter melon that has a green skin and sweet flesh. It’s often used in fruit salads or as a healthy snack on its own.

What Does Honeydew Melon Taste Like?

Honeydew melon has a light, refreshing flavor with notes of honey and melon. It’s also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, making it one of the healthiest fruits you can enjoy.

honeydew melon

Hen Of The Woods Mushroom

Hen of the woods mushrooms, also known as maitake mushrooms, are a type of edible fungi that can be found growing in clusters on tree trunks and stumps.

What Does Hen Of The Woods Mushrooms Taste Like?

Hen of the woods mushrooms have a rich, earthy flavor with a slightly chewy texture. They are prized for their unique flavor and nutritional benefits, as they are full of antioxidants and other important nutrients. They can be enjoyed raw or cooked and make a delicious addition to soups, stir-fries, pastas, and other dishes.

Halo Orange

A halo orange is a type of seedless orange that is prized for its sweet flavor and juiciness. It can be used in salads, desserts, drinks, or eaten on its own.

Where Do Halo Oranges Come From?

Halo oranges are grown in warm, sunny climates such as California and Florida. They are typically harvested between late winter and early spring, depending on the variety.

how to freeze oranges

Hungarian Goulash

Hungarian goulash is a hearty stew made from beef and fragrant spices. Traditionally, the ingredients are simmered together in a large pot for several hours until tender.

What To Serve With Goulash?

It is often served with pasta or potatoes. Because it has a rich and complex flavor, Hungarian goulash is an excellent choice for cold winter evenings!

hungarian goulash


A hamburger is a sandwich that consists of a cooked patty of ground beef, placed between two slices of bread.

Hamburgers are typically served with condiments such as ketchup, mustard, and pickles.



Haddock is a type of fish that is prized for its flaky white flesh and delicate flavor and is part of the cod family.

What Does Haddock Taste Like?

Haddock has a mild flavor with a slightly sweet and nutty taste.

How To Eat Haddock?

It’s often eaten on its own or cooked in a variety of dishes, including casseroles, chowders, and fish cakes. Haddock is one of my favorite slow-cooked dishes.

Fried fish with mashed potatoes

Hot Dog 

A hot dog is a sandwich that consists of cooked sausage, placed in a bun. Hot dogs are typically served with condiments such as ketchup, mustard, and relish.

What Are Some Popular Hot Dog Toppings?

Some popular hot dog toppings include sauerkraut, chili, and cheese. Hot dogs are an American classic and you can even make Mummy Hotdogs at Halloween.

Halloween Hot Dogs

Honey Berries

Honeyberries are a type of sweet fruit that has a mild flavor similar to strawberries. They can be eaten raw or cooked into pies and jams, and they’re popular among health-conscious consumers due to their high vitamin content.

What Do Honey Berries Taste Like?

Honey berries taste delicious on their own, but they can also be paired with other fruits or added to smoothies and desserts. Because they’re so versatile and nutritious, honeyberries are a great addition to any diet.

Huevos con chorizo 

Huevos con chorizo is a Mexican dish that consists of eggs, chorizo sausage, and tortillas.

It is often seasoned with spices like cumin, chili powder, and garlic.

What Are Some Ways To Eat Huevos con Chorizo?

Huevos con chorizo can be served on its own or as part of a full breakfast spread. It’s also great for meal prep, as you can cook the ingredients in advance and reheat them on busy mornings.

Best Foods That Start With H

So here is our list of foods that start with H. I’m sure you’ll love some items on this list. Let me know which is your favorite!

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