How Long Do Mashed Potatoes Last?

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Do you ever feel like mashed potatoes are the key to your heart? If that’s true, then you must be wondering how long they can last. After all, if you want warmth and comfort in a bowl every day of the week, it’s important to know how efficient these spuds can be!

In this blog post, we’ll explore answers to the ultimate question: how long do mashed potatoes last? We’ll provide tips on storage methods so that you don’t run out of your favorite side dish too soon—all with a healthy dose of humor along the way. So let’s get ready for some buttery goodness; it’s time to learn about stored mashed potatoes!

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What Are Mashed Potatoes?

Mashed potatoes are a delicious and comforting food that has been a staple in households worldwide for centuries.

Made from boiled potatoes, mashed with milk fat, butter, and seasonings, mashed potatoes are a versatile dish that you can also enjoy as a side or as part of a main course. Providing the perfect canvas for other flavors to shine through, they are both creamy and fluffy.

Can Mashed Potatoes Go Bad?

Mashed potatoes are a savory and delicious side dish that many of us enjoy. However, like any food, they can spoil. Mashed potatoes can certainly go bad if they are not stored properly. Bacteria multiplies speedily within the temperature range of 40°F to 140°F, so it’s essential to keep your mashed potatoes either hot (>140°F) or cold (<40°F).

How Can You Tell if Your Mashed Potatoes Are Bad?

Always check the appearance, taste, and smell before consuming mashed potatoes. Throwing away any potatoes that seem questionable is always the best practice to avoid getting sick.


If there are moldy patches or warm spots anywhere in the container, it’s a surefire sign that your mashed potatoes have gone bad. Additionally, if the potatoes have a grayish or greenish tint, they may be contaminated with bacteria and should be thrown away.


When you open up your mashed potatoes, take a quick whiff. If they smell sour or just off, it’s best to avoid eating them.


Of course, the most definitive way to tell if mashed potatoes are bad is with a taste test. If they taste sour or have an off, weird flavor, that’s a good indication that mashed potatoes have gone bad and should not be consumed.

What Will Happen if You Eat Bad Mashed Potatoes?

Eating bad mashed potatoes can lead to various health concerns caused by food poisoning. When stored improperly or not reheated appropriately, leftover mashed potatoes can provide a breeding ground for harmful bacteria to grow.

Consuming contaminated potatoes can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, and fever. Depending on the contamination level and the consumer’s health conditions, the symptoms can range from mild to severe.

Does Adding Butter and Milk Turn Mashed Potatoes Bad Quicker?

Adding butter and milk to mashed potatoes won’t necessarily make them spoil quicker, but it can contribute to the growth of bacteria over time. Dairy products like butter and milk contain natural bacteria that can begin to multiply when mixed with cooked potatoes and stored in the fridge.

This can cause your mashed potatoes to spoil faster than if prepared without dairy products. To avoid this, consuming your mashed potatoes within a few days of cooking is best. It is recommended to eat week-old mashed potatoes, which should be discarded to prevent any risk of food poisoning.

How Long Do Mashed Potatoes Last if Stored in the Fridge?

Shelf life of mashed potatoes in the refrigerator can differ depending on the freshness of the potatoes used and how they were stored. Generally, mashed potatoes can be refrigerated for up to five days if they are stored correctly in an airtight container. Anything beyond that, and it’s best to toss them out.

How Long Do Mashed Potatoes Last if Stored in the Freezer?

Leftover mashed potatoes can stay fresh in the fridge for up to five days, but in the Freezer, mashed potatoes can last for up to six months! It’s important to note that the shelf life of mashed potatoes in the Freezer is affected by the quality of the potatoes and the method used to store them.

How Long Do Mashed Potatoes Last if Kept at Room Temperature?

You can keep mashed potatoes at room temperature for up to two hours because they need to be refrigerated after two hours to avoid spoilage. However, to extend their shelf life, transferring them to an airtight container is recommended, and putting them in the fridge within this timeframe.

How Do You Store Mashed Potatoes?

Storing mashed potatoes, whether they are leftover mashed potatoes or mashed potato leftovers, is a great way to make use of leftovers. Here are steps to store mashed potatoes in the fridge and Freezer:

Freeze Mashed Potatoes in the Fridge

  1. Once you’re done eating, let the leftover mashed potatoes cool down to room temperature.
  2. After the mashed potatoes have cooled, transfer them to a sealable, shallow airtight container.
  3. Store the mashed potatoes in the fridge at cold temperatures below 40°F.
  4. It’s important to ensure they cool evenly, so don’t stack other containers on top of the mashed potatoes.
  5. Mashed potatoes will last up to five days in the fridge.

Freeze Mashed Potatoes in the Freezer

  1. Let the mashed potatoes cool down to room temperature.
  2. Once the mashed potatoes have cooled, transfer them to a shallow sealed container. Glass or plastic containers with airtight lids work best.
  3. For added protection, wrap the container with plastic wrap before putting the lid on.
  4. Put the label on the container with the date the mashed potatoes were stored.
  5. Store the potatoes in the Freezer at 0°F or below.
  6. Properly storing mashed potatoes in the Freezer is recommended to avoid freezer burn and maintain their quality.
  7. When you’re ready to enjoy the mashed potatoes again, let them thaw in the fridge overnight, then reheat on the stove or microwave.

By following these steps for how to store mashed potatoes, you can ensure that you store leftover mashed potatoes safely and prevent any unnecessary food waste.

Frozen vs. Refrigerated Mashed Potatoes – Which Is Better and Why?

While both are options for storing leftover potatoes, there are some differences.

Freezing mashed potatoes can alter their texture, causing them to become watery or grainy upon reheating. However, freezing can be an excellent option to preserve mashed potatoes longer.

Refrigerating mashed potatoes is a better option if you are about to eat them within a few days, as they will maintain their original texture and flavor.

Ultimately, the decision between frozen and refrigerated mashed potatoes comes down to personal preference and intended use.

How to Defrost Frozen Mashed Potatoes?

If you have a potato dish for Thanksgiving dinner or any other occasion that you froze and need to reheat, defrosting the mashed potatoes may be necessary. The process is much simple, but it requires some patience.

First, remove the frozen mashed potatoes from the Freezer to let them sit in the refrigerator overnight. Once defrosted, place the mashed potatoes in an oven-safe dish and cover the potatoes with aluminum foil.

Next, preheat the oven at 375°F and reheat for 30 minutes. Finally, remove the aluminum foil and stir the potatoes before serving.

Is It Safe to Reheat Mashed Potatoes?

Yes, it’s safe to reheat mashed potatoes, but you should add some liquid to help restore the original texture of reheated mashed potatoes.

Add a small amount of chicken broth, milk, or cream to the mash before heating it in the microwave or stove. Make sure to stir the mash occasionally as it reheats to ensure even heating throughout.

Best Ways to Make Mashed Potatoes

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Here are some best ways to prepare delicious mashed potatoes:

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

You’ll fall head over heels for these garlic mashed potatoes if you’re a garlic lover. They’re made with the perfect blend of minced garlic, creamy butter, and savory Parmesan cheese. Each bite bursts with a rich, savory, satisfying, and comforting flavor.

The creamy texture of the potatoes, combined with the nutty and salty taste of the Parmesan cheese, makes for a heavenly combination that will keep you coming back for more.

Read more about how to make Garlic Mashed Potatoes.

Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes

Made with instant mashed potatoes, heavy cream, and butter, this recipe produces creamy and rich mashed potatoes that satisfy your cravings. You can also try mashed sweet potatoes as an alternative to potatoes.

Adding chives adds a fresh and slightly onion-like flavor that complements the creamy potatoes and makes the dish more visually appealing.

See the recipe to make Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes.

Red Mashed Potatoes

Red mashed potatoes are a delicious alternative to traditional mashed potatoes. Adding red potatoes lends the dish a slightly sweet and nutty flavor; however, the margarine enhances the taste.

As the margarine melts into the hot mashed potatoes, it adds a rich and savory flavor that brings the dish to life.

Want to try? Read more about Red Mashed Potatoes Recipe.

Other Recipes You Can Make With Leftover Mashed Potatoes

Here are some tasty dishes you can make easily with cooked mashed potatoes:

Baked Mashed Potato Fingers: These crispy, golden brown fingers have a deliciously soft and fluffy mashed potato filling inside.

Potato Soup: A warm and comforting soup that’s creamy and rich with a hint of tanginess from the leftover mashed potatoes.

Potato Pancakes: Crispy and flavorful, these pancakes are a yummy way to use leftover mashed potatoes. Great as a meal or snack!

Potato Patties: These savory and crispy patties pack a punch of flavor from the herbs and spices. They’re a perfect side dish or snack.

So, How Long Do Mashed Potatoes Last? Conclusion

In conclusion, mashed potatoes can be refrigerated for up to five days, and they last up to six months when frozen. Reheating them is safe and simple; just add some liquid to restore their texture.

You can also make many delicious recipes with leftover mashed potatoes, such as baked potato fingers, potato soup, potato pancakes, and potato patties.

With these simple tips, you can enjoy freshly made mashed potatoes for days or even weeks after making them. So next time, if you want to indulge in some creamy, delicious mashed potatoes, you’ll know exactly how long mashed potatoes last.

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