How to Find Your Instant Pot Manual Online

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Did you get your Instant Pot from a garage sale site, used, or even found along the side of the road? If so, chances are it didn’t come with a user manual. This can make using your Instant Pot super frustrating. The great news is that we know exactly how to find your Instant Pot Manual online!

The instant pot instruction manual can be super helpful in helping with instant pot directions: Find out how to get the instant pot duo manual or other instant pot manual you need below:


How to Find Your Instant Pot Manual online

The great thing about your Instant Pot is that Instant Pot has made it super easy to find your manuals online! Below, we have listed the model and the link to your manual. Simply click on the model you have and it will take you to your manual:

Get your Instant Pot Manual pdf here:

DUO EVO Plus Instant Pot Manual

DUO Crisp and Air Fryer

Air Fryer Lid Manual

Duo Nova Instant Pot Manual

Max Instant Pot

DUO SV Manual

Smart WIFI Manual

DUO Plus Instant Pot Manual

DUO Instant Pot

LUX Manual

Instant Pot Ultra Series Manual

The VIVA Instant Pot Manual

Instant Pot NOVA


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Other Pressure Cooker Manuals

In my group, Instant Pot Recipes for Beginners, I focus on the Instant Pot brand! However, there are other brands of electric pressure cookers out there. Most electric pressure cookers work the same way and recipes are interchangeable. Below, I am listing the most popular pressure cookers. Please click on your brand for the manual:

Farberware 7-in1 Pressure Cooker

Breville Instruction Booklet

Crock-Pot Brands


Yedi Brands

Is the instant pot Manual Confusing?

Many people including myself have found that the manuals are not very detailed and confusing. If you are still struggling to understand your manual, we have put together some fabulous posts to help you get started, troubleshoot, and get answers to your questions. These guides have been very helpful to members in the Instant Pot group. Please check out the following posts:

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  1. Thank you SO much for the links to the owner’s manuals. My sons bought me an Instant Pot almost a year ago and it came with no owner’s manual. We’ve figured it out along the way and made some delicious meals. However, I know that having the full manual will up my game and I’ll get even more use from my IP.

  2. Yes very helpful never instant potted before(?)
    This was easy to use and super quick and useful tips and information!! Greatly appreciate your time!

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