How to Freeze Wedding Cake

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It’s your anniversary and you’re thinking about eating the delicious wedding cake you froze last year? That’s until you find it squashed, broken, and stale. That would be a nightmare wouldn’t it!

Well to make sure this doesn’t happen you’ll need to freeze your Wedding cake the right way. Today I’ll share with you how to freeze wedding cake in 3 simple steps.

After all, saving the top tier of your wedding cake is considered good luck and is a sweet tradition for a couple.

How to freeze wedding cake

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What Is the Tradition of a Wedding Cake?

The tradition of having a wedding cake began way back in the British courts of medieval times. The tradition began with a fruit cake decorated with white icing and sugar flowers, which was served at royal feasts.

Over time, the cake evolved into a decorated multi-tiered pastry, usually iced in white. The art of wedding cakes has become very popular and is now an important part of most weddings!

What Do Cakes Symbolize?

Generally, a wedding cake symbolizes the couple’s new home and family. The number of layers also has special meanings; three tiers signify birth, life, and death (beginning, middle, and end).

Picking out your wedding cake with the help of a professional is important since they will know exactly what can be done to make it fit perfectly in with your theme.

Why Is It a Tradition to Cut the Cake at a Wedding?

It’s tradition to cut the cake at a wedding because it is believed that this will bring good luck and prosperity for the couple throughout their life.

What are some of the meanings of cutting cakes?

There are many different types of cuts, each having an individual meaning; these include:

  • The straight cut which represents eternity;
  • The heart-shaped cut which represents love;
  • The wavy cut which signifies waves of emotion;
  • The circle-cut is symbolic of wholeness.

Who Gets the First Bite of Wedding Cake?

Tradition has it that the bride gets to eat her slice first. This is because the cake is decorated in white, the color of purity.

Eating the first bite also symbolizes luck, wealth, and fertility and when the bride eats her piece of cake before anyone else, tradition is said to ensure that she will enjoy all the wonderful things in life from now on!

When Should I Cut My Wedding Cake?

The wedding cake should be cut just before it is served to the guests. It’s good to cut the cake in the final hour of the reception.

Why Do People Save Wedding Cakes?

Wedding Cake isn’t just for eating on your wedding day – it’s also a tradition to have some saved so that you can eat this on your first anniversary.

So let’s get started on how to freeze your Wedding Cake so you can indulge on your anniversary…

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Can You Put Wedding Cake in the Freezer?

Yes! Freezing is one of the best ways to make your wedding cake last longer. However, there are certain steps you’ll need to take to make sure your cake is stored properly and that it doesn’t go soggy or stale.

Why Do People Keep Wedding Cake in the Freezer?

Generally, people keep their wedding cake in the freezer for several reasons.

• To make sure it lasts as long as possible – some couples are saving the top tier of their wedding cake for a special anniversary or upcoming birthdays!

• Some people want to enjoy their Wedding Cake at home on normal days with family and friends without having to make a trip to the bakery or spend money on delivery.

• You can also take your wedding cake with you for an anniversary celebration elsewhere, even if it’s not in your hometown.

Can You Freeze a Cake With Icing?

Yes! You can freeze your wedding cake with icing, but it’s important to note that the moisture in any buttercream will not be able to escape.

This means if you have a buttercream cake you will have to thaw your wedding cake in a fridge and not at room temperature…even when if you use aluminum foil and wrap airtight.

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How Do You Store a Wedding Cake in the Freezer?

There are several different methods for freezing your wedding cake, but I find that the best way to freeze a top tier cake for your first anniversary is in stages.

The following steps will help keep you from having too many problems and help you save the top tier of your cake so it stays intact and doesn’t get squashed.

Let’s take a look at how you can freeze wedding cake step by step:

Wedding Cake Step One: Removing The Cake From Its Stand  

After the celebrations have come to an end and when it’s time for the couple to go home, carefully remove the top tier of your beautiful wedding cake from its stand and place it on a large plate.

Wedding Cake Step Two: Wrapping In Paper And Tin Foil  

To properly freeze your cake you will need to use aluminum foil or plastic wrap.

Once your cake is removed from the stand, cover it in several layers of tin foil. Make sure to wrap the entire thing up tightly so that no air can get to it.

I prefer foil to cling wrap as it helps to wrap airtight and keep air bubbles out.

Wrap the Cake

Next, cover the cake in a layer of greaseproof paper and wrap that up tightly also. If too much air gets into the foil or paper wrapping then condensation may form on the inside which will cause the cake to go soggy.

You don’t want the frosting, filling, or cake layers to go stale so take your time to wrap the cake well and try to do it on the wedding night.

Wedding Cake Step Three: Placing in a Box and Freezing

Place the wrapped cake inside a box and into your freezer. This will help to keep it from getting squashed or broken when put into storage.

You can freeze uncovered but a box will protect your cake and allow it to last longer and will help prevent freezer burn.

Wedding Cake Step Four: Placing In The Freezer  

Now that your wedding cake is wrapped up, place it into the freezer until frozen solid. You can store this for up to a year or longer.

If you want to store more than one tier, you can save the top tier for your first anniversary and save the second tier of your wedding cake for eating at your first child’s christening.

Wedding Cake Step Five: Thawing Your Cake And Serving On Your Anniversary    

Remove the cake out of the freezer, allow the cake to thaw or defrost in the fridge for 12 hours before bringing it to room temperature.

Once at room temperature, you can remove all the paper and aluminum foil from around your cake and place it on a cake stand ready to display and enjoy as you celebrate your first anniversary.

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Best Storage Containers for Wedding Cake

After wrapping your wedding cake in foil and baking paper you’ll need a plastic cake box to properly freeze the keep it in top condition.

Here are a few fantastic cake boxes that I’d recommend for your wedding cake.

The Rubber Maid Serving Cake Saver

The Rubbermaid Servin’ Saver Round Cake Keeper can hold up to 10″ cakes or pies and features a base with molded-in centering rings plus a tight-fitting, see-through lid that keeps cakes fresh and lets you identify the contents without removing them.

The base can be used as a serving tray by itself, and the entire package is top-rack dishwasher safe.

I love this wedding cake box and it’s a good size for a top tier cake.

HelloCupcake Portable Cake and Cupcake Carrier 

This caddy/storage container holds all of your tastiest homemade creations including 12-inch wedding cakes.

Whether you have a traditional fruit cake or a wedding cake topped with ganache or icing, this cake storage box is one you will love to use.

Prepare your Wedding cake at the wedding venue, and transport it in this sturdy yet stylish container. Then simply remove the cake box from the car and freeze it in the freezer until your wedding anniversary.

Cake Keeper Round Cake Box

This cake keeper is the perfect all-in-one solution for freezing your baked goods. This round cake box with a lid holds a single layer cake or pie and keeps it airtight.

Using a Cake Preservation Box

At the end of the day, a cake preservation box or storage container is essential to prevent damage to your cake.

What Are Some Different Flavor Wedding Cakes?

There are several different flavor wedding cakes.

You can have your cake in any flavor you want including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or lemon.

I recommend choosing the filling flavors that will complement each other well rather than just having a sprinkling of chopped fruit on top to add color and decoration.

For example, if I was making my wedding cake I would make a chocolate or vanilla filling and then use crushed strawberries to add flavor.

This will give your wedding cake the wow factor, while still tasting fresh with every bite.

What Type of Frosting to Use on a Wedding Cake?

Your choice of frosting for your cake is important because it’s what people will taste first and it’s part of the overall wedding cake decoration.

The frosting is made from butter, powdered sugar, milk or cream, and flavorings such as vanilla extract, chocolate chips, or fruit purée.

I recommend using a Swiss meringue buttercream for your wedding day because this type of frosting makes the smoothest and most delicious cake.

5 Fantastic Wedding Cake Ideas

Now we’ve shared how to freeze and store your wedding cake you may want some ideas to help you choose your dream wedding cake.

Here are 5 cakes I love. Which do you like the most?

White and Gold Cake

This white and gold cake is a beauty. With 4 tiers and sugar flowers this cake is a gorgeous cake for your special Wedding day.

wedding cake 1157 538

Simple Cake With Beads and Ribbon

l love the look of this 4 tier cake with a lovely white rose topper and blue ribbon trim. It’s simple and stunning.

What do you think about this cake?

wonderful wedding day 1157 4888

Minimalist Wedding Cake

This beautiful rustic wedding cake is decorated with eucalyptus and is so dreamy. Perfect for a minimalist wedding theme.

beautiful rustic wedding cake decorated with eucalyptus white wooden background 24972 176

White Cake With Three Tiers With Cream

If you love cream, this three tier cake with cream ribbons and flowers is simple and perfect for a special wedding day.

white cake with three tiers with cream

Which cake do you like best? Will you be freezing your wedding cake?

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