How to write an essay on food

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Student life is full of events, assignments, lectures, meetings with interesting people, and various assignments. These assignments and deadlines are what put a severe strain on students. For many students, coping with all the tasks is a real challenge. A clear understanding of the tasks can help: what is a case or laboratory work, and what are the requirements for it. 

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she is so busy woman concentrated work back school educational theme portrait attractive teacher student working making notes successful businesswoman office table
she is so busy. woman concentrated on work. back to school. Educational theme. portrait of attractive teacher. student working making notes. successful businesswoman at office table.

What is an essay?

The essays are short scientific, critical drawings characterized by their form. This kind of artistic genre or type of creative work, presented in a contentious debate, beats the subjective author’s position about the socially significant problems of social, moral, ethical, scientific, cultural, and historical plan.

In terms of content and form, the essay is similar to the work of reflection. Still, the author has a more difficult task: to encourage readers to think, thanks to the consistency and vibrancy of the publication, to cause them an emotional response to the read.

The difference between the text and the essay:

  • Artistic genre or type of creative work which has a complete structure.
  • The author’s subjective stance on the subject matter is highlighted.
  • The author’s opinion with elements of analysis.
  • The goal is to encourage the readers to think.
  • Has a clear standard structure.
  • The topic is subject to substantive analysis.
  • The form depends on the type (narrative, description, speculation, comparative characterization, or analysis of the artistic text).
  • Develops skills in oral and written language.
  • Creative understanding of the themes.
  • Availability of knowledge, own experience for ways of solving the problem.
  • Style of the image, insistence on the wordy intonation, and vocabulary.
  • Use different devices: inversion, antithesis, asocial rows, metaphorical exaggerations, and irony.
  • Characteristic means of artistic expression: metaphors, allegorical images, symbols, comparisons.
  • The presence of suppositions, rhetorical issues, and phraseology.
  • The final part does not always contain a conclusion.

An essay is a genre of artistic, scientific, and popularizing creativity, characterized by free, not necessarily exhaustive, but visibly individuated interpretation of the subject.

In his “Investigations,” he defined the essay’s specificity in the following way: “I can express my thoughts about all subjects, even those that are beyond my comprehension and horizons. I am expressing my thoughts for the sake of giving an understanding of my beliefs.

The word “essay” is derived from the Latin word exagium – “wagi,” “respect,” which in turn comes from the Latin word exigo – “to evaluate,” “to measure,” and “to measure.” 

Specificity of the essay as a genre

  • The text is created by thinking, which is why there is a boundary concentration and condensation of semantics at the expense of a particular conceptual intensity of the imagery, which takes various creative forms.
  • The personal, half-meditative (ґrun on arguments), half-dialogic style is intended for rhetorical use.
  • The combination of epochs and limes, philosophical thoughts and everyday affairs, events, and facts are subordinated to the commentary.
  • The absence of harsh compositional and mental schemes, the transition from the concrete to the abstract.
  • There are well-known types (discourse, narrative, description, explanation) and forms (monologue, inner monologue, non-powerful direct speech, dialogue with an apparent opponent, etc.) of speech, different types of writing (philosophical propositions, arguments, aphorisms, the author’s commentary)

Essay genre types:

  • Non-formal or literary texts.
  • Aphoristic
  • First-name (characteristic (sketch), characteristic-suggestive, educational (didactic and social-propagandistic).
  • Particular (descriptive, artistic).
  • Formalistically.
  • Critical (review).
  • Literary and critical.
  • Investigative.
  • Informative.

The periodical essay of the 18th century is more characteristic, interactive, introspective, satirical, and humorous, and it includes imaginative characters and places of events. The English periodical essay describes the customs from lousy writing to prostitution.

A personal essay (short biographical drawing) is characterized by an intimate style, autobiographical interest, light humor, mood, and subtle literary flavor. Thus, the qualities of the close ethos are lyricism, poetic scansion, and intense introspection.

An informative essay focuses on explaining the author’s views. The comparative paper examines the distinctiveness and similarity, discusses personal advantages and choices, and describes the worldview and philosophy of life. Thus, the formal essay has a broadened scope, meaningful goal, logical structure organization, routine, narrowness, and a commonly organized disposition of personal thoughts and attitudes to specific or unique topics.

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