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The EASIEST Way to Cook Quick & Healthy Meals in Your Instant Pot with Confidence!

Learn to use your Instant Pot like a boss!

  • Are you tired of wondering what to make for dinner?
  • Want to cook healthy & quick meals in your pressure cooker (that’s what an Instant Pot is!)
  • Want to serve delicious meals that everyone will love? 

Introducing “The Complete Instant Pot Guide For Beginners”

For busy people who want to eat healthier at home without being in the kitchen for hours, who want to serve the best recipes everyone will love ❤️.


Become an Instant Pot Pro Today! 🙋‍♀️

  • Learn how to get started with any electric pressure cooker, like the Instant Pot.
  • Understand how and when to use the Instant Pot buttons for any recipe.
  • No more struggles figuring out the Instant Pot Manual.

Learning To Use An Instant Pot Can Take Time

Time you might not have.

Seriously, who wants to spend 5 hours watching bad YouTube videos with terrible sound …, scrolling through Facebook groups and searching for answers that don’t even work … and wasting loads of money on recipes that don’t work and taste bad?!

I know you don’t!

Instead, you can get all the information in one helpful guide:



A few years ago, I was struggling with time to make healthy and delicious family meals. I purchased an Instant Pot and had no idea where to start. The guide that comes with the Instant Pot was NO HELP.

It took months to become confident cooking with the Instant Pot. 

Today I can make the most delicious recipes in my pressure cooker, recipes that leave my family wanting more, save money by cooking at home, and they are healthier than eating out. 

I wish I had a proper guide, with instructions, tips, cheat sheets and simple recipes to get me started on my Instant Pot journey. I imagine how much time I could have saved?! 

Fast forward to today. This is exactly why I created, “The Complete Instant Pot Guide For Beginners”.

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Why You Need This Guide! 

Seriously, save time, ingredients and energy by cooking your Instant Pot meals right the first time and every time.

Get the measurements and cooking times correct, avoid that pesky “burn notice” and cook your meat to perfection every single time.

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Become Confident With Your Instant Pot Today! 


Instant Pot Vegetable Cooking Times GUIDE: Make perfectly cooked vegetables every time with this exclusive CHEAT SHEET. Stop making mushy veggies and instead make vegetables the kids will want again and again. $97 value

The Quick Reference Instant Pot Meat GUIDE: The secret to getting perfectly tender cooked meat no matter the protein type or amount. Start from frozen or fresh beef, poultry, and more! $97 value

Instant Pot Beans Cheat Sheet: Nobody likes soaking beans! Learn how to make beans super fast with the one and only beans cooking guide (This is great for bean and split pea soups!) $97 value

Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs Chart: Want to cook the perfect hard boiled eggs every time? This egg cooking chart will show you just how to do this! $27 value

Instant Pot Recipe Conversion Chart: This fantastic conversion chart will help you convert recipes from your stove top and slow cooker to the Instant Pot. Cook your favorite meals in the pot perfectly every time! $97 value

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What Readers Think Of My Instant Pot Recipes:

Readers love my recipes and here are a few reviews:

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What will I get when I buy this digital guide? 

The Complete Instant Pot Guide For Beginners will teach you how to get started when you unbox your Instant Pot. 

  • You’ll learn how to operate the Instant Pot buttons.
  • How to perform the water test
  • How to use a pressure cooker safely
  • How to keep your Instant Pot clean and much more
  • The difference between quick release and natural release
  • How to cook the perfect hard boiled eggs
  • To make Quick and easy Instant Pot Chicken Broth 

And much more…..

You’ll also get 15 Easy Beginner Recipes to help you get started, on your Instant Pot journey.


I’ve already been cooking with my Instant Pot. Will this guide be any use to me? 

Yes, for sure! This Instant Pot guide will fill in the gaps and boost your knowledge whether you’ve been cooking for a while or your Instant Pot is still in the box. 

What’s Your Refund Policy?

Due to the digital nature of this product and immediate availability, we do not offer refunds or cancellations. Please purchase only if you are sure you are ready to master your Instant Pot.


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Download Your Complete Instant Pot Guide Before It’s Too Late!