Instant Pot Is Leaking Steam

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Is your Instant Pot Leaking Steam while you’re trying to use it? There are several reasons your Instant Pot Is Leaking Steam, but not all of them mean you have a problem. Read on to learn more!


Instant Pot Leaking Steam: Is This Normal?

Should steam come out of Instant Pot while pressurizing?

While your Instant Pot is coming to pressure, it is normal for a little bit of steam to leak from the steam release valve as well as around the lid. However you should not see a ton of steam coming from those areas. There should just be a little bit of steam here and there which should stop coming out once the timer begins. 

Leaking steam is one of the common Instant Pot problems mentioned in my Facebook group, Instant Pot Recipes For Beginners, however the cause and solutions are pretty easy to fix.

7 Reasons Your Instant Pot Is Leaking Steam

While it is not uncommon for a little steam to come out around the edges of your Instant Pot lid when your pot is warming up, if your Instant Pot is leaking steam after it has come to pressure, you may have an issue. Below, we will cover 7 simple reasons your Instant Pot is leaking steam.

Instant Pot Is Coming to Pressure

It takes your Instant Pot up to 30-minutes to come to pressure. During that time, you may see steam coming from under the edges of the lid or through the steam release handle on top of the lid. This is normal. 

The Pressure Valve Is In The Wrong Position

When pressure cooking, the pressure release valve located on top of the lid should be in the sealing position. If you have the float valve in the venting position, you will continue to see steam coming out of the Instant Pot and it will never come to pressure. Ensure the steam release button is turned correctly.

Steam Coming Out of Pot In Sealing Position

There could be a number of reasons for the steam to release pressure whilst in the sealing position while trying to pressure cook. Here are a few possibilities:

Issues With The Instant Pot Sealing Ring

If you notice that there is still steam coming out after the pot has reached pressure, or it never comes to pressure, and you check the pressure valve, you may have an issue with the sealing ring. 

  • Sealing ring is missing– If you washed your sealing ring and forgot to put it back, the Instant Pot will leak steam and never come to pressure. 
  • The sealing ring is seated improperly– Make sure your sealing ring is fitting tightly inside the lid. An uneven set ring can create a partial seal. 
  • You need a new sealing ring– If your sealing ring is warped, deformed, cracked, or has small tears, you will need to replace it. 

It’s always useful to have a spare sealing ring to hand just incase.


Instant Pot Lid Is Dirty

If yourInstant Pot hasn’t been cleaned well, the lid and the area it fits into may need to be cleaned. Food debris can prevent the lid from sealing properly which may be why your Instant Pot is leaking steam. Learn How To Clean Your Instant Pot here! I like to use baking soda to keep my pot clean.

Instant Pot Lid Is Broken

Another reason steam may be escaping is if the lid has been dropped or damaged in some way. If the lid is bent or deformed, it will not be able to create a good seal. Thus, steam will escape from the sides of the lid. 

Not Enough Liquid When Pressure Cooking

Your Instant Pot does not fully seal until it has built the right amount of pressure. If there is too little liquid, the Instant Pot can’t build pressure. In order for it to seal correctly, you have to have at least 1 cup of thin liquid in your Instant Pot. If you don’t have enough liquid the Instant pot display may show the burn message.

Wrong Size Inner Pot

I’ve done it and I’m sure many people have. If you have multiple Instant Pots, you may have grabbed the wrong size inner pot. If your Instant Pot is leaking steam, check to see if you’re using the correct inner pot.

Have fun cooking with your Instant Pot and be sure to check out these issues if you find steam leaking from your pressure cooker. The Instant pot requires a lot of care and the cooking process should be perfectly normal if you follow the instructions correctly.

Whether you cook food quickly or you use the slow cooker button in slow cook mode, the steam should stop leaking if everything is in the correct position.

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