10 Instant Pot Replacement Parts-Where to Find Them

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Finding Instant Pot Replacement parts: A Detailed Guide. Did you know that you can replace almost every single part of your Instant Pot? Let’s face it; lids drop, accessories get lost, and well, things happen. That’s why it’s important to know where to find Instant Pot Replacement Parts when you need them. 

instant pot replacement parts

Instant Pot Replacement Parts

Whether you bought your Instant Pot years ago, or are new to the pothead world, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to buy replacement parts at some point.

The great news is that almost everything you would need can be found on The Instant Pot WebsiteAmazon, or retail stores that sell Instant Pots. For this post, I will be listing the replacement parts found on Amazon and the Instant Pot website. 

If you have a faulty part on your Instant Pot then you will want to contact and phone Instant Brands to discuss this. You can search the pages online and create a customer account using your email to buy the items you need.

If it’s simple wear and tear then look up the Instant Brands online store or visit Amazon for the specific Instant Pot parts you need.

Ensure you order parts that are compatible with or made by Instant brands to ensure your Instant Pot works as intended and cooks your Instant Pot recipes as planned.

Instant Pot Parts

Below, is a list of every single part of your Instant Pot that is replaceable. Keep in mind that some Instant Pot replacement parts are model-specific, so make sure that when you purchase replacement parts that you are choosing the right one to fit your specific Instant Pot. 

1. Sealing Rings

Sealing rings are an important component of your Instant Pot. If they are cracked, stretched or broken, your Instant Pot will not come to pressure.

The Instant Pot Sealing Rings require regular replacement and upkeep to keep your pressure cooker working properly. Instant Pot recommends replacing every 6 to 12 months. You can purchase these Instant Pot replacement parts on Amazon:

2. Inner Pot

If the stainless steel inner cooking pot has been dented, damaged or lost, you can order a new one through multiple retailers.

However, if it just has some tough to remove stains, use baking soda, vinegar, and a non-abrasive cloth to remove the stains.

If you want an easier to clean inner pot, I recommend the ceramic non-stick inner pot (choose the right size, not compatible with the Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid).

You can purchase these Instant Pot replacement parts on Amazon:

3. Steam Release Handle

The steam release vents the steam from your Instant Pot when you do a quick release. It also keeps the pressure in when it’s in the sealed position.

Different models require a different type of steam release handle, so pay attention to which model you are purchasing it for. Here are the most common steam release handle on Amazon:

4. Instant Pot Lid

If you damage your lid or it just stops working, you don’t have to buy a whole new Instant Pot. Instead, you can buy replacement lids for the Ultra, Duo, Duo-Plus, Viva, Nova, Plus, and Smart Bluetooth models.

Additionally, you may want to add a tempered glass lid (choose the right size) to your cart to easily use your slow cooker feature. However, to purchase a replacement lid, you will need to purchase them through the Instant Pot website

5. The Power Cord

The Instant Pot power cord is detachable, so it can easily get lost or misplaced. Damage or water can also make the power cord stop working.

The great thing about the power cord is that the replacement on Amazon is compatible with most Instant Pot models including the Duo, Duo Nova, Duo SV, Duo Plus, Duo gourmet, Ultra, and Smart WiFi models. 

6. Anti Block Shield

The anti block shield is the small cap on the inside of your lid that keeps food from getting into your steam release valve.

If it’s ever lost or broken, you can easily buy a replacement part on Amazon. The replacement on Amazon is compatible with most models including Duo models, Lux models, and Ultra models.

7. Condensation Collector

The condensation cup goes on the side of the Instant Pot. It is one of the easiest pieces to lose track of. The replacement condensation cup on Amazon is compatible with the Duo models, Lux models, and Ultra. 

8. Float Valve

The float valve is the small pin, on the lid, that goes up when there’s pressure in the pot, and down when all the pressure has been released.

The float valve can be removed for cleaning, but is so small and easy to lose. You can easily buy replacement float valves for your model on Amazon.

9. Instant Pot Base

Sometimes you may need to replace the whole Instant Pot base. For example, if you set it on the stove and accidentally turned the burners on.

There is a separate base for almost every model, but they don’t come with an inner pot, power cord, condensation cup, or accessories. However, they are rarely in stock and can only be bought through The Instant Pot Website.

If you need a new base, I would recommend just getting a whole new Instant Pot. 

10. Accessories for Your Pressure Cooker

Accessories can be bought from the Instant Pot Website, or you can buy them on Amazon. If you lost or broke your trivet, you can buy that individually.

If you plan to get extra accessories to go with your Instant Pot, find out What Instant Pot Accessories You Will Need here. Or, consider getting an accessory kit with everything you may need. 

Were you able to figure out where to buy the Instant Pot replacement parts you needed? Did we miss something?

Support to Get New Replacement Items

We’d love to help you find the replacement parts you need. Just remember to have a little patience when ordering new replacement items for your Instant Pot as they may take a while to arrive.

And always be careful when handling your Instant Pot and its accessories to avoid breaking or losing them in the first place!

Looking for more information on Instant Pots? Check out our blog for top tips and tricks, or visit the Instant Pot Recipes for Beginners Facebook Group for more advice from fellow Instant Pot users.

We hope you enjoy using your new replacement parts and cooking delicious meals with your Instant Pot! Be sure to subscribe for more tips and tricks.

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  1. Hello,
    I,m having problems with the control dial on my ultra model not allowing me to dial in a cook time it jumps all over the place won’t do it incrementally. Any ideas on how to fix this issue? Contacted the maker and they want me to send a video etc and all I want is a new part if needed how come all the hoopla with pics etc. Very discouraging I’ve only had it for three years.
    Thank You

    1. I think the suggestion to make a video and show them will allow the instant pot team to give yout he best advice. Sadly i don’t have a ultra model so cannot offer suggestions.

  2. Hi happy cooks,
    I have been afraid to swap inner pot from the DUO and the Ultra.
    I bought the Ultra second hand and have no documentation.
    Really don’t want to experiment and have my noggin knocked off.

    1. If the pots are the exact same style then it should be okay to use in the same size pressure cooker but please check the advice on the Instant Pot website.

  3. I damaged the lid to my Power Quick pot,modelY8D-36,SERIAL#TRL.7128_YLS_1828 SN#00025215 DO YOU SALE THE REPLACEMENT PART ?

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