Instant Pot Steamed Vegetables

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I am a huge fan of steamed vegetables. In fact, ever since I got my Instant Pot, I’ve really enjoyed steaming vegetables and trying out new Instant Pot vegetable recipes

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Why Instant Pot Steamed Vegetables Are the Best

Vegetables are always much more healthier when steamed. Boiled vegetables are great but the nutrients and goodness are able to leave the food much easier during the boiling process than when they are steamed. 

The Instant Pot is even better than a steamer!

The reason for this is due to the faster cooking time when using the instant pot.

As the pressure cooker is much faster than a standard steamer, this provides less time for nutrients to leak out of vegetables. 

I aim to steam my veg as often as possible and usually do this using my Instant Pot steaming basket

My Top Ten Instant Pot Vegetables

Flavouring my vegetables always adds to the taste and makes them much better for the family, especially my daughter!

Here are my favourite ten vegetables to cook in the Instant pot and the cooking times it takes when cooked from fresh. 

  • Broccoli                     Fresh – 1-2 minutes 
  • Corn On The Cob    Fresh – 3-5 minutes
  • Sliced Carrots          Fresh 2-3 minutes
  • Asparagus                 Fresh 1-2 minutes
  • Baby Potatoes          Fresh 8-10 minutes
  • Green Beans             Fresh 1-2 minutes
  • Spinach                     Fresh 1-2 minutes
  • Butternut Squash   Fresh 4-6 minutes  (cubed)
  • Sweet Potato            Fresh 2-4 minutes  (cubed)
  • Cabbage                    Fresh 2-3 minutes

I recently made an Instant Pot vegetables cheat sheet which has a more detailed list of  fresh and frozen vegetables and the ideal times for steaming. It’s a free download which is really quite handy! 

Tasty Instant Pot Vegetable Recipes

Cooking vegetables in the Instant Pot can be easy and simple and here are some fantastic recipes you can follow when your starting out or looking for ideas of how to go about steaming your vegetables. 


Using an Instant Pot Steaming Basket

Using an Instant Pot steaming basket to steam vegetables is a great idea. A vegetable basket can be placed on a trivet above the water to enable steaming rather than boiling.

You can cook vegetables in the bottom of the pot if you don’t have accessories yet, or you can use a trivet, or a stackable vegetable steamer designed specifically for the instant pot. 

When buying a stacker or steam basket for your vegetables be sure to make sure it’s the right size for your specific Instant pot. 

Enjoy your vegetables! 

Angela x

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