Is Tomato Soup Good For You? Everything You Need To Know

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When I was small, I distinctly remember tomato soup, together with buttered toast cut into strips (“soldiers”), featuring heavily in lunchtime meals at my Grandmother’s house. Tomato soup, with its rich taste, salt and pepper was the perfect meal for an active youngster. It was tasty, it was enjoyable. But the question remains: is it good for you? Today I’ll be sharing some of the benefits of tomato soup along with some tasty tomato soup recipes featured here at The Instant Pot Table.

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Is Tomato Soup Healthy?

The base ingredient of tomato soup is it’s namesake: tomatoes. As the ingredient that characterises the dish the most, it is also the ingredient that will bear the brunt of the search for health. Oxidants are compounds that damage cells in the body.

Damaged cells stress the body, resulting in possible reduced health outcomes. Anti-oxidants such as lycopene, flavonoids, and Vitamins C and E, are available in tomatoes.

Consuming antioxidants has been linked with less inflammation and a reduced risk of cancer. In addition research has linked the consumption of antioxidants with a lower risk of type two diabetes. 

Antioxidants, (and tomatoes) for the win! Eating tomato soup is a great way of taking advantage of these natural and life giving compounds.

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Tomatoes Promotes Healthy Skin

Lycopene and beta carotene have been linked to healthier skin. Both compounds may help protect the skin against UV radiation. UV light is the sort of light that is largely responsible for sunburn and skin damage. However, while these nutrients will help protect against skin damage, nothing can beat sunscreen and a nice big hat!

Tomatoes help with Eyesight

Foods rich in carotenoids and vitamin A (like tomatoes) help promote good eyesight.

Vitamin A is crucial in maintaining a clear corona–the transparent covering of your eye. Without a clear corona it is difficult to see.

Carotenoids are equally as important. Their presence helps protect the eye from the harmful effects of blue light (blue light which is becoming ever more common in this day and age of screens.) This is because carotenoids are antioxidants. Blue light is high and energy, so absorbing them (as the photoreceptors in the eye do) in large quantities places stress on the eye. Anti-oxidants (carotenoids in this case) help reduce the stress by neutralising dangerous byproducts of this process (free radicals.)

Reduce Heart Disease

Cholestoral is a fat-like substance that resides in the blood. It’s a waxy building block that is used by the body to create hormones and cells. Unfortunately, cholesterol can build up on arterial walls. This buildup is dangerous. It reduces the amount of blood that can flow through the arteries and stresses the heart.

Tomato products, due to their content of vitamin C and Lycopene can help reduce this risk. This is due to the fact that lycopene lowers the body’s absorption of cholesterol in the intestines, thereby lowering cholesterol in the body.

Vitamin C helps prevent the oxidation of cholestrol, something that is associated with Atherosclerosis–the buildup of plaque in the arteries.

Tomato Soup Invigorates the Immune System

We’ve all heard of how great chicken soup is for the sick. Now it is time for it’s fruit based brother, tomato soup, to come to the fore. When one is sick, one needs vitamins, nutrients and energy. All three come in tomato soup. Vitamin C is especially what the body needs to fight off the common cold.

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Healthy Tomato Soup Recipes

Why does something as commonplace as taste have anything to do with the health of a food? Well, it doesn’t per se. It does affect how likely one is to eat it. No-one likes bland food. No-one likes unpalatable food.

Healthy food does not need to be tasteless! It must be tasteful, it must be appetising otherwise one will not eat it.

If you’re looking for some quick and easy tomato soup recipes then check out the following:

Instant Pot Tomato Basil Soup

Creamy Tomato Tortellini Soup

Tomato Gnocchi Soup

Tomato Soup With A Spicy Kick

instant pot tomato soup recipe

If you associate healthy food such as tomato soup with good food, with food that is pleasurable to eat, you are much more likely to eat it as opposed to something that is unhealthy. Kill two birds with one stone: healthy and delicious!

Tomato Soup and Bariatric Surgery

The pureed food diet is an important post-bariatric surgery phase. Tomato soup, with its great taste, and vitamins is perfect for this phase. It is healthy, it will boost the immune system, it is a pureed food–and therefore can be consumed during the pureed food stage–and a healthful one as well.

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Tomato Soup Benefits

The evidence all points to the fact that tomato soup is chock full of various nutrients, all of which will enable the body to repair itself in a needful and timely fashion. It reduces heart disease risks, is rich in antioxidants, promotes healthy eyesight, and above all else is tasty. In the context of foods that will help with a bariatric diet, it is primus inter pares–first amongst equals–due to these amazing qualities. We are left with one conclusion: tomato soup is healthy and full of benefits for the body.


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