3 Ways Meal Prepping Can Help With Weight Loss

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3 Ways Meal Prepping Can Help With Weight Loss

Meal Prepping can be a powerful tool in your efforts to lose weight and regain your health.  When we talk about meal prepping, we are talking about setting aside some time, typically one day a week, to cook and portion out all your food (or at least the dinners) for the week. 

Prepping food requires some discipline and planning, but the end result is that you have a lot fewer decisions to make during the week and hopefully a thinner you at the end of it all. Meal prepping in particular is a fantastic tool for those who have had bariatric surgery

Here are 3 ways meal prepping can help you with your weight loss efforts.

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Takes the Daily Decision Off the Table

Sometimes the most difficult part of making dinner is deciding exactly what it is that you want to eat.  The possibilities seem endless but often the problem is that none of it sounds good.  

With Meal Prepping, all the decisions have been made in advance and the meal has already been prepared, all you have to do is go home, heat it up, and eat it.  The hope here is that you made the decision to prepare healthy food that will help you meet your healthy weight loss goals

Decide Portion Sizes in Advance

One of the worst things you can do for weight loss is to eat too much at each meal.  Meal prepping will help you control your portion sizes by forcing you to make your portion size decision in advance.  

You can even weigh your food so you ensure that you aren’t taking in more calories than you have planned on eating. 

The powerful thing at play here is that you don’t decide how much you want to eat when you are hungry, which is probably the worst time to make that decision.  

Instead you are deciding how much to eat at each meal ahead of time which causes you to plan from a more detached position when you can make a better and more clear headed choice.

Eliminates Convenience Foods

This last benefit might be the strongest one.  How many times have you been on the way home from work and the prospect of getting home and spending the next half an hour to an hour cooking seems like an exhausting task and completely impossible at your current energy level?

It is so much easier to order a pizza to be delivered to you or to quickly pick up some burgers on your way home.  

There is a reason fast food is a multi-billion dollar business.  When you already have your meals ready to go at home, it eliminates the need for you to make that decision and eating convenience foods becomes a lot less attractive. 

Now instead of completely unhealthy and fattening fast food, you can go home and enjoy a home cooked meal prepared by someone who knows exactly the kind of food you enjoy, you!

Meal prepping can take some extra time, but when you consider the time during the week you save it’s a win. Plus when you factor in your health and the nutritious and weight conscious meals you can plan, that makes it a win – win! 

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