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Pressure Cooker Hard Boiled Eggs

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If you love to cook HARD BOILED EGGS in your Instant Pot or pressure cooker then you will love this Egguins egg holder that can be used in your electric pressure cooker. Seriously, this fantastic and quirky Instant Pot accessory is really fun and allows you to make the perfect hard boiled eggs every time!

hard boiled eggs

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Read on to learn how to cook the perfect hard boiled eggs in your pressure cooker!

Cooking INSTANT POT Hard Boiled Eggs

Cooking eggs in the Instant pot is really simple. I love to use the 5-5-5 Method for cooking eggs in the Instant Pot but what exactly is that?

Well to put it simply, 5-5-5 is as follows:

  • 5 Minutes On High Pressure
  • 5 Minutes Natural Release
  • 5 Minutes In An Ice Bath

And then the shell should peel off with ease!

Does Altitude Change Egg Cooking Times?

Of course, we don’t all live in the same town, county, state or country and the time for cooking eggs may need adjusting depending on the altitude at which you live. Therefore for some people cooking boiled eggs for 6-6-6 minutes or 7-7-7 minutes may work better. It’s a matter of testing it out and learning what works best in your kitchen and your Instant Pot!

No matter what length of time you cook your eggs- be sure to use at least one cup of water in your Instant Pot. This allows the pressure to build up and steam your eggs to perfection!

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If you don’t have an Egguins Egg Holder or an Eggbears Egg Holder you can still cook eggs in your Instant Pot. Either pop them directly into the bottom of your pressure cooker or use a trivet or metal egg holder. This will work really well.

However we all love fun gadgets and quirky gifts and both the Egguins and Eggbears egg holders make cooking your hard boiled eggs even more fun! This is something the kids might enjoy seeing too! After all, who wouldn’t love a Penguin Egg Holder?

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how does this hardboiled penguin Egg Boiler work?

The Egguins Egg holder and Instant Pot accessory is a group of six penguins huddled around in a tight circle. Each Penguin has a hollow middle, ready for you to place the eggs before adding to your Instant Pot.

The Egguins egg holder cooks six eggs in one go, is black in color and is made from plastic – which is safe for boiling and using in a pot.

The egguins are a great serving tray as well, so once your eggs are ready, your family and guests will delight in this extremely cool server. If you’re saving your eggs for later, fear not! These fancy fellas will find comfort in the arctic temperatures of your fridge!

Egguins Egg Holder Specifications

The Egguins egg holder and Eggbears egg holders are 14.7 bu 12.1 by 12.6 cm. When taking the Holder out of the pot be careful and use a protective cloth or silicone mit. You can then serve your boiled penguin egg to your guests or use them to make egg salad or tasty Devilled eggs!

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So what do you think? Do you love these Penguin Egg Cooker and boiled egg holder? We sure do. My daughter thinks they are super cute and we will be using these regular in our Instant Pot.

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How Do I Buy Egguins?

The best place to get Egguins in the UK is Red Candy! If you’re in America you can Purchase Egguins in the USA from Amazon.com. You can also find recommended pressure cookers and the Best Instant Pots on our AMAZON Store!

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instant pot eggquins 1

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  1. I love the 5-5-5 method. I have never had hard eggs to peel with this. My husband and so thank you for showing me this method. ♥️

  2. I just made hard boilded eggs in my IP. I was making rice pudding that had to cook for 20 minutes (and NPR), so i tossed in (gently!) four eggs. They turned out great– somewhere between “normal” hard boiled eggs (5 minutes) and Korean Spa Eggs (40 minutes). I love hard boiled eggs and am trying to increase my protein intake to gain weight and muscle that i lost. i’m down 50# from where i was and need to gain weight and muscle so that i don’t fall and break bones again. I”m only 54 years old. Too young to be a frail old lady!! More eggs can only be good for me.

  3. I absolutely adore these egguins. They are just about the cutest things I have ever seen, and I would love to have a set!

  4. These are very cute, but above all very useful. I haven’t tried boiling eggs in my Instant Pot yet but with these would love to try.

  5. The Paleo lifestyle has led me to a deep appreciation for eggs so my Instant Pot gets lots of attention!. As much as I love my Instant Pot, I have to admit that I couldn’t get by without my favorite Bloggers who teach and advise us all with inspiration and great recipes! So, thanks to you and all your kind. We love you almost as much as those cute egg holders. Ok . . . . maybe a little more votes for you if I HAVE TO admit it.

  6. These are so cute! I’m going to do eggs for the first time this evening using the 5-5-5 method. I’m doing a couple of eggs for practice so I know how they turn out before making 2 dozen for our Christmas dinner deviled eggs.

  7. I’m fairly new to instant pot cooking andhave had 50/50 success. First thing I tried was eggs and, while I did pressure cook 5 minutes, I didn’t know to leave them in the additional 5 with pressure. They peeled easy but weren’t as well done as I would like them. I plan to try again soon. These penguins are adorable and I’d love to use them in my next trial!

  8. I love this idea. The egg holders are so cute and functional. I use a lot of hard boiled eggs so this would really be handy for me.

  9. I use my Instant Pots every day and can’t live without them. Only way I make hard boiled eggs, and cheesecakes.

  10. I’m a newby to the IP. Love this little penguin gadget & would really like to have one. Looking forward to trying your method for hard boiled eggs!

  11. Following the 555 method to cook hardboiled eggs for my 3 dogs every morning is a breeze! No more problems with removing the shells as they slide off easily in one broken piece. Eggs are cooked consistently the way my dogs love it with this method. Will be cool to use the Egguins as I don’t have to scoop the eggs individually from the trivet.

  12. I am only now discovering you. I am fairly new to the Instant Pot, and I will certainly continue to follow you.
    Those Egguins are so adorable and really would be cute for cooking, but especially for serving the hard boiled eggs.

    1. I love the 5 5 5 method,it works great…but these are adorable,I would love to win them to gift my daughter since I just got her an instapot!

  13. I haven’t tried to make Boiled eggs yet in my Instant Pot, but I’d sure love to win these babies to try it!

  14. These are so cute! I love my instapot, I’m a fairly new user so still getting used to it. Did baked beans on the weekend, turned out great!

  15. Ever sense I’ve started to use the 5-5-5 method in Instant Pot, I don’t even look back to making eggs the old way in the pot. Love how easily the egg shells peel off and have perfect hard boiled eggs!

  16. Super cute. I haven’t done eggs in my IP yet, but have made other things. This would be a neat gadget to have!

  17. I love those Egguins! They are so cute and so practical, and the instant pot does make boiling eggs SO easy

  18. I have heard so much about the 5-5-5 method and have never tried it. These penguin egg holders are just adorable and would make boiling eggs even better. Penguins have always been my favorite animal so these are extra cute! Having chickens and ducks our eggs are so fresh it is hard to get them to peel correctly, but I’ve heard the 5-5-5 method works well on farm fresh eggs so I need to get my butt in gear and make some yummy eggs.

  19. Love my IP, I think I’ve converted almost every recipe to IP cooking! Love the little Eggquins too! Fun way to get kids involved into cooking!

  20. Thank you for adding me to this group I am totally to instant pot my son got it for me for Christmas. My husband loves boiled eggs and especially pickled eggs this would help me out so much on making his eggs for work. And I’m so excited to see all the great recipes for instant pot. Thank you for letting me join this group and also for a chance to win the Egguin

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