Chicken Crescent Rolls Instant Pot Recipe

If you want to have a tasty and delicious breakfast, and be healthy at the same time, then try this Instant Pot Chicken Crescent Rolls Recipe now.


- Chicken Breasts - Water - Crescent Rolls - Cream Cheese - Green Onions - Bell Pepper - Salt - Ground Black Pepper - Butter - Skim Milk

Add 1 cup of water to the bottom of the Instant Pot. Place your chicken breasts on top of the trivet and sprinkle with salt and pepper. About a pinch of each.

With tongs, flip the breasts over and season the other side with salt and pepper.

Close the instant pot by screwing the lid shut. Move the valve away from you to seal it. Set your instant pot to 12 minutes.

While your chicken is cooking, open the cans of crescent rolls, and lay out the dough.

The croissants come in triangles, but you will want to turn them into rectangles. Pinch the triangles together. You may need to flip the other side and pinch as well.

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