How To Poach Chicken In The Instant Pot:  In 4 Simple Steps

This Instant Pot poached chicken recipe is just what you need for a quick and easy dinner that everyone will love!

Poached chicken is chicken that is completely covered or submerged in liquid. It is not a boil. Instead, it is a gentler technique that keeps the chicken at a set, constant temperature.


Chicken Broth Seasoning

First, season your chicken breasts with salt and pepper, or with whatever seasoning you choose.

Then, place your chicken in the Instant pot, pour the broth over it, crush the garlic and add the bay leaves to the pot.

Next, secure the lid, put the sealing vent on the lid into the “sealing” position, and push  the “manual” or “pressure cook”  button for 12 minutes.

For this recipe, you can either do a natural release or a quick release depending on your time. I personally find that a natural release keeps the chicken more tender.

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