Instant Pot Quinoa

Making Instant Pot Quinoa is the perfect side dish. If you’re worried about cooking quinoa, using your Instant Pot is the easiest option – ever!


- White Quinoa - Vegetable Broth - Salt

Combine all the ingredients in your instant pot insert and put the lid in place. Set your pot to manual/high pressure and put the cooking time at 1 minute.

The pot will take about 5-10 minutes to pressurize before that 1 minute starts counting down.

Let it naturally release for 15 minutes before removing your quinoa from the pot. Enjoy!

DO YOU HAVE TO USE A CERTAIN TYPE OF QUINOA? You don’t. You can change up the type that you use and find one that you like the best. As long as you’re using just quinoa, it’ll be just fine.

CAN YOU USE WATER INSTEAD OF VEGETABLE BROTH? Yes, you can. If you’re not a fan of broth, you can swap that out and use water instead. This may change the overall flavor of the dish, so be prepared for that possible outcome.

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