What Not to Say When your Friend is on a Diet

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I can’t remember how many times I started a diet or healthy eating plan. Losing weight for me has never been easy. In fact, losing weight for anyone can be a constant battle and something that requires a lot of dedication, hard work and effort.

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When doing my best to lose weight, I need supportive friends and family. Having support for me is the key difference between reaching those little goals each week or completely blowing out and stuffing my face with every food that I’m supposed to be avoiding.

Whilst only I can choose what goes into my body, having friends and family who say the right things to support me can really help.  Here is my list of what not to say when your friend is on a diet

I thought you were on a diet?

You won’t get fat if you just have one piece.

Are you saving your bigger clothes just in case you put the weight back on?

So how many more pounds have you got to loose?

You look much prettier now you’ve lost weight.

I liked you better with more curves.

What have you been doing to keep off the weight?

I cooked dinner but you can have a salad as this may make you fat.

You just have to stop eating fatty food and chocolate. The weight will drop off.

When is the baby due?

You’re always dieting. Are you planning to stick to it this time?

Don’t become anorexic.

Are you sure you should be eating that?

Why can’t you be happy the way you are?

What did you expect when you had a baby?

Do you have lots of stretch marks?

Just cut down on desserts and you’ll be okay.

Your no fun when you’re on a diet

What was it like being fat?

Do you mind if I eat this in front of you?

Can you relate to this list? What is the worst thing someone has said to you? How do your friends and family support you when trying to lose weight and become healthy?

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  1. it’s such a difficult decision as to whether something should be said or not, some people want others to keep their comments to themselves, others resent the silence. I find i’m damned if i do say something and damned if i don’t on certain topics,

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