Which Instant Pot Should I Buy?

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Which Instant Pot to Buy: there are so many different types of Instant Pots out there, so how do you know which one is the best for you? This can be a daunting task, but we have made it easy for you! 

which instant pot should i buy?

Which Instant Pot to Buy: What’s the Difference 

Within the Instant Pot brand, there are several different types of Instant Pots you can buy. Most of them work in the same way; however, they have different functions. Below, we have broken it down for you so you can figure out what works best for you!

The major difference between the pots is the built-in programs. Here are the basic built in buttons:

  • Soup/broth
  • Meat/stew
  • Cake
  • Egg
  • Saute
  • Rice
  • Multigrain
  • Porridge
  • Pressure cook/manual
  • Steam
  • Keep Warm
  • Slow cook

Keep this in mind as you read through the different features and programs below!

Instant Pot Lux

I have the Lux, and it is the most basic Instant Pot you can get. It has 6 primary functions and 12 built-in programs. This is a good starter pressure cooker. However, the downside is that it doesn’t have a yogurt button or a way to do low pressure and high pressure. 


Instant Pot Duo 

My assistant has a Duo. It is one of the most popular Instant Pots. It is one of the cheaper pots especially if you get the 6 quart. The Duo can do a lot without being overly complicated which makes it a nice beginner pot. The big difference between this one and the Lux is that it has a yogurt button. And, you can change it from high pressure to low pressure. 

Instant Pot Duo Nova

The things I love about the Instant Pot Duo Nova are the progress indicator, the automatic steam release valve, and the release button. If you want to read more about the Duo Nova, check out my review post: Instant Pot Duo Nova 7-in-1.

Duo Nova 6qt Hero 1344x1344

Instant Pot Duo Plus

This one is a step up from the regular Duo. Instead of being a 7 in 1 cooker, it is a 9 in 1 cooker. So, you get the cake buttons and a sterilize button added to your built in buttons. 

tl 1

Instant Pot Smart WiFi

I would not recommend this one for a newbie just because it’s very technological. Not only do you have to learn how to use the Instant Pot, but you have to learn the technology too. If you like up to date technology, then this may be for you. It has 13 built in programs and is compatible with Alexa. You can control the Instant Pot with Smart Wifi from the palm of your hands with the app, or you can control it with your voice through Alexa. It’s pretty cool, but scares me a little lol. 

Duo Evo Plus

This one is just like the Duo, however it has one very cool feature. It’s inner pot can be used on the stove top! This means you can use your inner pot as a stock pot too. The inner pot has handles, too to make transfer easier. This one is good if you make a lot of desserts or soups. 

Instant Pot Duo Ultra

The Duo Ultra is pretty cool because it has a steam release button like the Nova. This means you push a button to release the steam and don’t have to worry about the steam burning your fingers when you flip the vent. It also, like the Nova has a progress indicator so instead of saying “on” it will say coming to pressure. Additionally, it is good for making advanced recipes because it has customizable parameters like altitude, temperature, and time. And, it can be used as a sous vide cooker. This would be one I would recommend for someone who has mastered the basic Instant Pots.

duo 60 705x705 1

Max Instant Pot

If you are a beginner, I would not recommend this right now. The Max is for the pros and master chefs. It can literally do it all! From fermenting ingredients to cooking steak sous vide, this thing can do it to perfection! It has the ability to control air in the Instant Pot , releasing as much air as possible to cook foods better and faster. And, this one you can use as a canner! It has additional safety features. 

Duo Crisp and Air Fryer

The Duo Crisp and Air Fryer does everything the Duo can do and more. The difference is the air fryer lid comes with it, and  it can roast, bake, broil, and dehydrate. 

If you have a regular Instant Pot, however, Instant Pot brand did come out with an air fryer lid that you can buy separately. It will work with most 6 quart Instant Pots, but you can buy them for 3 quart and 8 quart. Just remember to change it to the correct size when ordering. 

tl 4

If you want to buy an Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid, follow the link to buy one on Amazon! 

Which Instant Pot to Buy: Different Brands

In addition to the different types of Instant Pots you can get, there are different brands of pressure cookers you can get as well. With the different brands, the buttons, functions, and settings may be different. 

If you choose to buy a different brand, you will also have to keep in mind that most recipes found for a pressure cooker are going to be for the Instant Pot brand. So, you may have to do some adjusting to get the recipes just right for your brand. 

Here are some of the other brands that are popular:

I personally have the Duo Nova and the Lux. I love them both! 

Still not sure which Instant Pot to Buy, pin this guide to Pinterest so you can easily refer to it as you search! 

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