Instant Pot Do’s and Don’Ts: Tips and Tricks

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Instant Pot Do’s and Don’ts

You got a brand new, shiny Instant Pot, but now what?! You are probably getting a bunch of advice from everyone, but you’re still wondering if your Instant Pot will blow up! Following these Instant Pot do’s and don’ts will put you at ease, and I assure you your Instant Pot will not blow up. 

instant pot do s and dont's

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Instant Pot Do’s and Don’Ts

Using your Instant Pot is pretty simple, but there are a few Instant Pot do’s and don’ts that you want to take into consideration when using it. 

Instant Pot Don’Ts

Here are few things you should not do while operating your Instant Pot:

#1 Don’t Be Afraid

You have absolutely no reason to be afraid of your Instant Pot. You may have heard horror stories of the original pressure cookers, but your Instant Pot has several safety features making it completely safe to use. 

#2 Don’t Put Anything on the Pressure Release Valve

This is a huge no-no. Even draping something over it when you release it is just not safe. This is because the release valve was designed to release the pressure upwards, and putting anything over it prevents that from happening. Not only is it unsafe, but it can damage your pressure cooker. 

When opening the steam release valve, you may use an oven mit, but remove it as soon as you turn the valve to release the pressure. 

#3 Don’t Put It Under Cabinets

As difficult as this may be, you don’t want your Instant Pot to be underneath your cabinets. The steam that is released from your pressure cooker is super hot. This steam can damage your cabinets when it is released.

#4 Don’t Put the Thing on Your Stove 

Most severe malfunctions happen because of people putting their Instant Pot on the stove and accidently turning the burners on. Not only can this cause your Instant Pot to explode while its on, but it will damage your machine. 

#5 Don’t Overfill the Pot

The rule of pressure cooking is to not fill the pot more than halfway. If you have too much in your Instant Pot, the valves can clog and your seals may leak. Additionally, things like beans and rice need room to expand. 

Instant Pot Do’s

Here are a few things you definitely want to do when getting started with your Instant Pot:

#1 Do the Water Test

Truth be told, I didn’t do the water test, I just dove right in. However, doing the Instant Pot water test is a great way to get you acclimated to using it. Doing it makes sure your machine is working properly and gets your feet wet in the process.

#2 Do Check Your Sealing Ring

Your Instant Pot lid will come with a sealing ring already installed in the lid. It will also come with an extra one. Make sure the sealing ring is in the right place and pushed all the way down and around the edge of the lid. 

#3 Do Clean Your Instant Pot Properly

Not cleaning your pressure cooker can decrease the life of your machine. Additionally, it can cause it not to work right or malfunction. Make sure you clean the inner pot, lid, and sealing ring, the outside of the pot, and get food particles out of the cracks and crevices. Here’s How to Clean Your Instant Pot

#4 Do Check the Power Cord

The power cord is detachable for cleaning purposes. Make sure the cord is connected to the Instant Pot securely before trying to use your pressure cooker. If it isn’t, it could cause a short and destroy your machine. 

#5 Do Be Careful With Milk Products

Dairy products tend to curdle in the Instant Pot unless the recipe is followed precisely. Therefore, it is important to be careful when cooking anything that has dairy in it. Most of the time, you will want to find a recipe that has you put the dairy products in AFTER your pressure cook your food. However, there are Instant Pot Cheesecake and other recipes that require you to pressurize the dairy products. Be sure to follow the recipes exactly. 

As with any kitchen cooking appliance, there are some things you should never cook in your Instant Pot, but for the most part, you can cook just about anything without fear.


Do you have any other questions? If so, share them in the comments below so we can get them answered for you!

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