Easy Instant Pot Recipes

Here you will find easy Instant Pot recipes. Cooking in the pressure cooker is a great way to save time and the food comes out so good. Check out our Best Instant Pot Recipes …here at The Instant Pot Table

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From Oven-baked, to Stove-top to Air fryer recipes, we have some fantastic dishes that you are going to love. These simple and Easy recipes are real winners the whole family will enjoy.

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I’m a Multi Award Winning Blogger. Mom and Teacher who loves to cook! Here you will find Easy Instant Pot Recipes along with Regular Recipes, Instant Pot Tips, Food Facts and Cooking Tips.

Instant Pot Asparagus

Make delicious and tasty Instant Pot Asparagus in no time. The perfect side dish for many recipes


Looking for soup to cook in the Instant Pot? We have a whole range of fantastic pressure cooker soup recipes here at The Instant Pot Table. From Chicken soup to creamy soups, to fall and winter soup. Get our best soup recipes here!

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Cooking Tips and Food Facts

Check out our latest tips for using the Instant Pot. We also have Bariatric tips and Cooking ideas along with useful information on Freezing food, making Substitutes and Serving suggestions.