13 Rainbow Treats: Colorful Party Food Ideas

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Looking for an extra dose of cheer and color in your life? Look no further! We’ve got 13 amazing rainbow treats that are perfect for transforming any gathering into a magical, vibrant celebration. From layered mason jar cakes to unicorn themed donuts, get ready to be inspired by our collection of vibrantly hued snacks and desserts. With full recipes included, they’ll make the ultimate addition to your next party—prepare to wow everyone with these eye-catching sweet treats!

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What Are Rainbow Treats

Rainbow treats are any type of desserts or snacks that come in a wide variety of colors, ranging from the deep blue of an ocean wave to the bright yellow of a sunny day.

While some recipes use food dye to achieve their rainbow shade, others rely on natural sources like fruits and vegetables for the vibrant hues. No matter how you get there, the result is an array of delicious treats that will leave everyone in awe at your rainbow party.

Fun Rainbow Treats For Your Rainbow Party

Here are 13 delicious rainbow treats to make for your next rainbow themed party. Whether it’s rainbow cookies, rainbow waffles, rainbow fruit skewers or simply colorful rainbow cupcakes, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this roundup of fun treats! Enjoy these rainbow ideas today!

Rainbow Treats For Saint Patrick’s Day Party

You may be looking for the best rainbow recipes for a birthday party or you might be looking for rainbow treats to help with your Saint Patrick’s Day celebration. Either way, these fun treats full of rainbow colors are sure to be a big hit!

Layered Rainbow Jelly – Simple Living Creative Learning

For a truly impressive dessert, try this layered rainbow jelly. It comes together in no time and requires just a few ingredients — plus it looks simply gorgeous!

Colorful jello makes up the layers of this treat, while a secret ingredient (condensed milk!) adds an extra creamy texture that’s sure to have everyone coming back for seconds. Get the recipe for Layered Rainbow Jelly here! These colorful treats will be the show of the party!

Layered Rainbow Jelly

Rainbow Fruit Tart – Ugly Duckling Bakery

This showstopping Rainbow Fruit Tart is filled with a creamy vanilla custard and topped with an array of colorful fruits. It’s one of my favorite rainbow treats and is sure to be the star of any party, thanks to its stunning presentation and colorful fruit, this tart is has plenty of delightful flavors.

The tart requires just a few ingredients, espeically fresh fruit and is packed with color and flavor. Get the instructions for this Rainbow Fruit Tart here. It’s so much fun and great for birthday parties.

Rainbow Fruit Tart

Rainbow Trifle – A Magical Mess

Why not make this colorful rainbow trifle. Using box cake mix and wilton food colorings you can have a delicious ibbon of color in no time. The different layers stand out and apart from each other which make it look incredible when served up.

What makes it even more special is the addition of whipped cream, and tasty wafers. Get the recipe for Rainbow Trifle here! You can even add colorful mini marshmallows for extra piizazz.

Rainbow Trifle

Rainbow Sprinkles Cupcakes – Living Life as Moms

Raise the bar on your cupcakes with these rainbow sprinkle-topped treats! Thanks to a clever trick with food dye and white cake mix, you’ll be able to make these Rainbow Sprinkles Cupcakes that will look great in any party.

These colorful cupcakes would be great at any rainbow party or celebration. You could even make one large birthday cake and add the same design. It would be perfect for a baby’s first birthday!

Rainbow Sprinkles Cupcakes

Rainbow Fudge – Amanda’s Cookin

Rainbow fudge is a colorful, delicious treat that’s sure to please! Made with just 4 ingredients and microwaved in minutes, you can whip up this simple yet impressive snack in no time.

With layers of color throughout, rainbow fudge is perfect for parties or special occasions. Get the recipe for Rainbow Fudge here! it’s one of those tasty treats which will stand out even at a unicorn party!

Rainbow Fudge

Rainbow Cake Mix Cookies – The Monday Box

Rainbow Cake Mix Cookies are an easy and fun way to add a festive flair to any celebration. These cookies have just a few ingredients and require basic baking!

Get the recipe for Rainbow Cake Mix Cookies here! Want to go the extra mile, why not break these cookies up and make some rainbow sugar cookie bark, just imagine!

Rainbow Cake Mix Cookies

Rainbow Meringues – Kenarry

Rainbow meringues are a light and airy treat that looks beautiful when served. Whip up a batch of these colorful egg meringues and have an impressive dessert in no time! Get the instructions for Rainbow Meringues here!

These are an easy rainbow treat which are great for parties, celebrating ST Patricks Day, or even just for movie night.

Rainbow Meringues

Rainbow Popcorn – Princess Pinky Girl

Rainbow popcorn is a great party treat that’s sure to be a hit with the kids. With just a few ingredients, this is an easy and fun colorful treat to make for your next celebration.

All you need are some white popcorn kernels, butter, food dye, and sprinkles! Get the recipe for Rainbow Popcorn here! Make the best rainbow popcorn and enjoy it at your summer parties!

Rainbow Popcorn

Rainbow Mousse Shooters – Club Crafted

Rainbow mousse shooters are the perfect mini dessert for any party. They’re easy to make and look stunning when served! Start with a basic mousse recipe and divide it into separate bowls — then, add food coloring until you get all your desired colors.

Once the mousse is set, layer it in shot glasses or mini cups for

Rainbow Mousse Shooters! Enjoy! This has to be one of my favorite rainbow recipes for sure!

Rainbow Mousse Shooters

Rainbow Cereal Cake – The Baker Mama

Rainbow cereal cake is a delicious, colorful treat that’s sure to be a hit! It’s a fun recipe and will be a big hit at your next family gathering or party.

Get the recipe for Rainbow Cereal Cake here! It will soon become one of your favorite desserts.

Rainbow Cereal Cake

Over the Rainbow Donuts – Club Crafted

Rainbow Donuts are a colorful way to kick off any celebration. These fluffy donuts are filled with vanilla cream and topped with bright rainbow icing!

A rainbow glaze is the perfect finishing touch, and these donuts can be made ahead of time for convenience. Get the instructions for Over the Rainbow Donuts here! Try these best rainbow recipes today!

Over the Rainbow Donuts

Layered Rainbow Cake with Jelly Beans – Raspberri Cupcakes

Rainbow Cake with Jelly Beans is an impressive dessert that’s sure to impress! It’s easy to make and the jelly beans add a lovely pop of color.

Start by baking your favorite cake recipe in six different colors. Once cooled, layer them in a cake pan and top it off with a delicious buttercream frosting. Top with Jelly beans and your

Layered Rainbow Cake with Jelly Beans will be a real big hit.

Layered Rainbow Cake with Jelly Beans

White Chocolate Rainbow Bark – Princess Pinky Girl

Chocolate Rainbow Bark is a fun and festive treat! This easy recipe requires only a few ingredients and can be made in minutes. Simply melt white chocolate, add food dye to get your desired colors, spread it on a baking sheet, and top with rainbow sprinkles and colorful candy. Let cool and break into pieces for the perfect sweet treat!

Get the instructions for White Chocolate Rainbow Bark here.

White Chocolate Rainbow Bark

Enjoy Colorful Rainbow Treats Today

With these delicious recipes, you’ll have a rainbow of treats for any occasion. Whether it’s for your next family gathering or special celebration, these colorful desserts are sure to be a hit! So go ahead and get baking — your guests will love them! Enjoy!

More Rainbow Treats And Ideas

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