21 Gochujang Recipes To Try

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Are you a fan of Korean food? If so, then you’ve probably had gochujang before. Gochujang is a red pepper paste that is commonly used in Korean cuisine.

Today we are sharing 21 delightfully spicy Gochujang recipes to spice up your life and take your Korean cooking to the next level.

Delicious and Spicy Gochujang Recipes

Unique Gochujang Recipes

If you’re looking for simple sweet and spicy recipes that are tasty and unique, we have you covered.

Enjoy the taste of Korea with any of these recipes below. Also be sure to check out our all time favorite Instant Pot Ramen recipe!

Air Fryer Gochujang Chicken Wings

If you love chicken wings or chicken thighs then you’ll enjoy trying this Korean Chicken wings dish. This favorite recipe had plenty of flavors and packs a punch.

Grab the chili paste, sesame seeds, rice vinegar, and red chili pepper flakes and you’ll be in fried chicken heaven in no time!

Get the recipe for Air Fryer Gochujang Chicken Wings over at Sense and Edibility.

Air Fryer Gochujang Chicken Wings

Gochujang Cauliflower Tacos

If you’re looking for that perfect weeknight meal then grab some cauliflower florets and make these super tasty Gochujang Cauliflower Tacos for a sweet and spicy treat.

Cooked in avocado oil or vegetable oil, this delightful dish packs a punch. Top it off with some diced avocado, green onions, cilantro, and a lime wedge.

Gochujang Cauliflower Tacos

Gochujang Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Gochujang Roasted Brussels Sprouts are a fantastic way to spice up your veggie game. Brussels sprouts, Korean chili paste, honey, and sesame oil are some of the ingredients you’ll need for this amazing recipe.

Preheat your oven and get ready for a sweet and spicy vegetable side dish that the whole family will enjoy!

Make these marinated Brussels sprouts today! Be sure to soak the sprouts in your spicy Korean mixture for at least two hours and enjoy!

Gochujang Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Korean BBQ Burgers With Gochujang Slaw

Korean BBQ Marinated burgers and Gochujang Slaw are a great way to enjoy your next backyard BBQ. With a little bit of prep time, you can have these bad boys on the grill in no time!

Experiment with Korean sauces, soya, chili paste, and ginger as you create the best Korean burgers around. Korean dishes are all about unique flavors, and these burgers are no different.

Korean BBQ Burgers with Gochujang Slaw

Korean Honey Popcorn Clusters

Why not try rice cakes or popcorn covered in sweet and spicy gochujang. The perfect snack for when you’re watching your favorite show or movie.

Grab the pot and cook your popcorn on medium-high heat. Then add some peanuts, almonds, or sesame seeds for an extra crunch!

Get the recipe for Honey Gochujang Popcorn Clusters Here!

Korean Honey Popcorn Clusters

Gochujang Ribs

If you love good food then you will want to try Gochujang Ribs. Smothered in divine umami flavors, these golden-brown ribs will be the hit of your next party!

Gochujang Ribs

Gochujang Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas are a favorite protein of mine and when you add spicy flavor to this simple recipe, it takes chickpeas to a whole new level!

These little bite-size pieces are healthy and perfect for snacking. Cook your Gochujang Roasted Chickpeas and pop them in a small bowl for snacking on later.

Gochujang Roasted Chickpeas

Gochujang Fried Rice

Forget the brown rice, why not try cooking Gochujang Fried Rice. This Korean rice recipe is simple to make and can be on the table in no time.

You’ll love the combination of flavors from chili paste, soy sauce, rice vinegar, and more. Don’t forget the Kimchi!

Gochujang Fried Rice

Korean Fried Chicken Tenders With Gochujang Sticky Sauce

Grab the serving plate and cook up all the chicken meat you can in this easy sweet sticky sauce. Cooked in a large skillet this Korean fried chicken recipe will be a huge hit!

Get the recipe for Korean Fried Chicken Tenders with Gochujang Sticky Sauce from The Comfort of Cooking.

Korean Fried Chicken Tenders with Gochujang Sticky Sauce

Gochujang and Honey Glazed Salmon

I love the flavor of salmon when combined with honey and Korean chili paste. This recipe is the perfect way to try out this flavor combination.

Cooked in a skillet and then broiled, you’ll have a delicious meal that is healthy and packed with flavor.

If you don’t like honey simply switch it out for brown sugar for a sweet and spicy kick. Get the recipe for Gochujang and Honey Glazed Salmon from The Brewer and the Baker

Gochujang and Honey Glazed Salmon

Asian Sliders With Gochujang Mayo

Mix your hot pepper paste with some mayo and cook up some super tasty Korean mini burgers. These Asian Sliders with Gochujang Mayo will be a real hit at your next party or get-together.

Everyone will love the sweet and spicy sauce on these ground beef burgers and I’m sure they’ll be back for more.

Asian Sliders with Gochujang Mayo

Gochujang Korean BBQ Short Rib Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Imagine the taste of sweet and spicy Korean chili paste on sweet potatoes! Drizzled in sesame oil and baked in the oven, these stuffed short rib kumaras are a must-try.

Get the latest recipes and tips for making Gochujang Korean BBQ Short Rib Stuffed Sweet Potatoes from The Curious Plate.

Gochujang Korean BBQ Short Rib Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Sweet and Spicy Pork Belly Udon Soup With Gochujang

Add some sweet and spicy Korean Chili paste to your next pork belly soup recipe. This is a unique and tasty way to enjoy udon soup.

Get the recipe for Sweet and Spicy Pork Belly Udon Soup with Gochujang today and your family will love testing out the spicy flavor of this dish. This is one of my favorite Gochujang recipes and it really packs a punch.

Sweet and Spicy Pork Belly Udon Soup with Gochujang

Gochujang Soup – My Plantiful Cooking

Here is another delicious Korean soup recipe. This time, it’s Gochujang Soup! I love the way the flavors meld together in this dish.

You’ll need some daikon radish, mushrooms, tofu, and of course your Korean chili paste. It’s the perfect meal for a cold winter day.

Gochujang Soup - My Plantiful Cooking

Korean Gochujang Tofu Rice Bowls

Tofu rice bowls are a fantastic way to enjoy a delicious and healthy meal.

This recipe uses Korean chili paste to give it a little bit of spice. I like to top mine with avocado, green onions, and sesame seeds.

Get the recipe for Korean Gochujang Tofu Rice Bowls from Jessica in the Kitchen.

Korean Gochujang Tofu Rice Bowls

Healthy Gochujang Korean Pork Burritos

Wondering what to do with that pork shoulder? Why not make some super tasty and Healthy Gochujang Korean Pork Burritos.

This spicy Korean burrito mix tastes amazing and is sure to be a big hit at dinner time.

Healthy Gochujang Korean Pork Burritos

Korean Gochujang Noodles

Try cooking some Korean Gochujang Noodles in a savory sauce. You’ll love the flavor of the chili paste mixed with the other ingredients.

This recipe is simple to follow and can be on the table in no time. You can also add beef or chicken to this recipe if you fancy some extra meat. Give it a try today!

Korean Gochujang Noodles

Gochujang Papas Fritas With Chorizo

If you’ve never tried Gochujang Papas Fritas with Chorizo then you’re in for a real treat. This recipe is simple to make and full of flavor.

I like to serve mine with a side of sour cream. This complements the sweet and spicy sauce and makes the recipe crazy delicious. The chorizo meat is so good when paired with the spicy Korean chili paste.

Gochujang Papas Fritas with Chorizo

Gochujang Chicken Thighs

If you love Chicken thighs then you will love these Spicy Korean Gochujang Chicken Thighs.

They are baked in the oven and come out super tender and juicy. The sauce is sweet, sticky, and has just the right amount of heat.

I like to serve mine with a side of rice and steamed vegetables.

Gochujang Chicken Thighs

Easy Gochujang Jackfruit

Jackfruit is a unique ingredient and when combined with spicy Korean chili paste or a sweet and spicy sauce, it’s out-of-this-world amazing.

The jackfruit soaks up all the flavors of the sauce and makes a fantastic main dish or side. Get the recipe for Easy Gochujang Jackfruit here.

Whether it’s fried chicken meat, fried rice, ramen noodles, or simple rice cakes, your favorite recipes can be enhanced with Korean chili paste.

Easy Gochujang Jackfruit

What Is Gochujang?

Gochujang is a fermented chili paste that is commonly used in Korean recipes. It’s made with red chili peppers, glutinous type rice, fermented soybeans, and salt.

Gochujang works best in sauces or as a chili rub. It has a distinct, spicy-sweet flavor that is perfect for adding some heat to your favorite dishes.

If you’re looking for some new and interesting ways to use spicy Korean chili paste, then check out these 21 recipes.

From traditional Korean dishes to fusion cuisine, there’s something for everyone!

What Are the Benefits of Eating Gochujang?

Gochujang is a fermented food, which means it contains beneficial probiotics that can help improve gut health. Additionally, gochujang is a good source of antioxidants and vitamins A and C.

So not only does gochujang taste amazing, but it’s also good for you!

Is Korean Chili Paste Expensive to Make?

No, gochujang is not expensive to make at home. It’s quite easy to make your Korean chili paste with just a few simple ingredients.

If you’d like to save some money, we recommend making your gochujang chili paste. However, if you’re short on time, you can always purchase gochujang at your local Korean grocery store.

How to Make Gochujang?

Making homemade gochujang is quite easy! All you need is some red chili peppers, glutinous rice, fermented style soybeans, and salt.

Simply combine all of the ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth.

Then, transfer the mixture to a clean jar and store it in a cool, dark place for at least 2 weeks to allow the fermentation process to occur.

After 2 weeks, your gochujang will be ready to use! Add it to sauces and your favorite gochujang recipes.

Gochujang Paste vs Gochujang Sauce

Gochujang Korean Chili paste and gochujang-based sauce are both made with the same ingredients.

However, the difference between the two is that gochujang paste is a thick paste, that is concentrated, while gochujang sauce is thinner and more liquidy.

Korean chili paste is typically used as an ingredient in other dishes such as Korean fried chicken or spicy Korean ramen, while gochujang sauce can be used as a condiment or dipping sauce.

No matter which one you choose, both gochujang paste and gochujang sauce will add some sweet heat to your favorite dishes!

Whether it’s grilled chicken, pan-fried noodles, or steamed vegetables, gochujang will take your dish to the next level.

Gochujang vs Soy Sauce

Gochujang and soy sauce are both common ingredients found in Korean recipes. However, they are not the same!

Gochujang is chili paste and Soy sauce, on the other hand, is a liquid condiment. So while they are both used in Korean cuisine, they are not interchangeable.

What Are Some of the Best Gochujang Recipes?

Some of the best Gochujang recipes include the following:

  1. Fried Gochujang Chicken Recipe
  2. Spicy Gochujang Ground Beef
  3. Spicy Gochujang Chicken And Ramen
  4. Spicy Korean Chili Paste Rice Bowl
  5. Sweet And Spicy Gochujang Flavored Soup
  6. Spicy Gochujang Chicken Breasts
  7. Korean BBQ Ribs with Gochujang
  8. Spicy Gochujang Tofu Cooked In Sesame Oil
  9. Spicy Gochujang Salmon Fish Sauce
  10. Vegetarian Bibimbap with Spicy Korean Chili Paste
  11. Spicy Korean Chicken Sliders
  12. Grilled Cheese with Gochujang Mayo

If you want to try something new and exciting, then I urge you to experiment with Gochujang. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results.

What’s your favorite recipe? Let me know in the comments below!

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