Can an Instant Pot Explode?

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The Instant Pot is a great kitchen appliance that has taken the world by storm with its ability to cook meals quickly and precisely. However, some users worry that they might experience blow outs of their Instant Pot during cooking – so can an Instant Pot explode? What’s going on there?

How can you avoid causing an Instant Pot explosion and use this wonderful pressure cooker safely?

Can an Instant Pot Explode Like a Traditional Pressure Cooker?

Today I’ll be discussing the reasons for pressure cooker explosions. The good news is, as long as you follow the safety guidelines and Instant Pot manual instructions, you’re not going to run into any problems as an Instant Pot is very safe when used correctly. We’ll begin by talking about how the Instant Pot works.

can an instant pot explode?

How Does an Instant Pot Work?

The Instant Pot is a programmable electric pressure cooker that uses heat, steam and pressure to cook food very quickly. It works by using pressurized steam to transfer energy directly into the food through either a “hot water” bath or with direct contact via the inner pot which helps the food reach an internal temperature of 110 degrees Celsius or 230 degrees Fahrenheit at high pressure. This cooks the food and then steam is released either naturally or in a quick release.

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Why Do Pressure Cookers Explode?

If you are someone who is also asking “will my Instant Pot explode?”, then rest assured, it is not something that happens regularly. Especially if you are following instructions and being safe.

Instant Pots can only blow up if they build up too much pressure inside of them. Luckily Pressure cooker brands such as Instant brands have many safety mechanisms to ensure their pressure cookers are safe every time they are used.

Is the Instant Pot Dangerous?

The answer is no. An Instant pot only becomes dangerous if you don’t follow the rules and use the safety features correctly. Just as a car is dangerous when you don’t drive safely, you need to follow the manual and guidelines to have a good experience whilst using a pressure cooker. As with most things – problems only arise through user error.

What Are the Safety Features of the Instant Pot?

The Instant Pot incorporates many safety features to prevent Instant Pot accidents and explosions.

When you use these safety functions correctly and follow the instructions in the Instant Pot user manual the risk or chance of your Instant Pot blowing up is very low. The many safety features ensure you are safe every time you use your pressure cooker.

The truth is if you follow the safety rules and guidance in your user manual you will be okay when cooking delicious meals in your Instant Pot and you’re unlikely to have Instant Pot explosions.

When you use these safety functions correctly and follow the instructions in the Instant Pot user manual the risk or chance of your Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Exploding is very low. The many safety features ensure you are safe every time you use your pressure cooker.

The truth is if you follow the safety rules and guidance in your user manual you will be okay when cooking delicious meals in your Instant Pot.

Automatic Pressure Control

The Instant Pot will automatically select the pressure level needed for your recipe. You can also manually control the pressure if you want to produce more or less steam. This means that you are less likely to see the Instant Pot explode because the settings are already set for you.

Pressure control will prevent the risk of an Instant Pot accident or explosion.

Your Instant Pot has a special button that releases any excess pressure which prevents an instant pot blowout and serious injury caused by high pressure and steam.

Safety Valves

The Instant Pot has three safety valves:

One safety valve is on the lid of the Instant Pot, it is used to let off excess steam in case there’s too much inside of you pot. Another safety valve is located under the lid handle.

The third safety valve sits at the bottom of the base of your Instant pot unit. All of these safety features work together to prevent the Instant Pot from exploding.

Anti Blockage Vent

There’s also a small anti-blockage vent at the top of your Instant Pot. This is to allow steam to escape but will prevent food from going up into it and causing a blockage.

Automatic Temperature Control

The temperature controls on the Instant Pot are very accurate. You can adjust cooking temperatures to ensure that you have perfect results every time you use your Instant Pot. Unlike a traditional pressure cooker, electric Instant Pots have automatic pressure control and automatic temperature control, giving them an even greater level of safety.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects to prevent you from having an Instant Pot explode is the temperature control.

Lid Close Detections

Instant Pots have lid close detections this feature will ensure that your pressure cooker won’t blow up if the lid is left open for too long. The lid lock prevents modern pressure cookers from opening until the steam has been released.

Steam Release Handle

There’s a special steam release handle on top of your Instant Pot, where you can control the flow of steam coming out of your pot. This prevents any steam from escaping when you don’t want it to and blow up your instant pot!

Leaky Lid Protection

Your Instant Pot also has a special function called leaky lid protection. This will sense when the lid of your unit is not fully closed and turn off the heating element so you don’t blow up your Instant Pot. Always check your silicone sealing ring to ensure it is properly installed, and your lid is secure to prevent any steam leaks or explosions.

Heat Resistant Handles

The handles of the Instant Pot are designed with heat resistance in mind. This reduces the risk of injury from accidental burns when handling your pot. The handles also have a large grip surface that makes it easy to move your unit around without any

Excess Pressure Protection

The instant pot also has a special feature called excess pressure protection. It uses a pressure sensor, so if there’s too much pressure inside your Instant Pot at any point, the excess pressure protection will blow off steam from the sides of your unit so you don’t blow up your Instant Pot!

So, as you can see, many safety features work together to ensure that you’re safe if using an Instant Pot. These instant Pot safety features protect against an Instant Pot Explosion.

Neglecting the Instant Pot’s Manual and Instructions

If you don’t follow the safety features of your Instant Pot and ignore the instructions then you may encounter problems when using your Instant Pot.

To avoid Instant Pot explosions always follow the safety tips and guidelines for your particular Instant Pot Model.

Not all electric pressure cookers are the same so it’s important to learn everything about the particular model you have, whether that’s an Instant Pot Lux, Instant Pot Duo, Instant Pot Ultra or another pressure cooking brand altogether.

So please, read the manual and follow all safety features to avoid any instant pot accident.

How to Find Your Instant Pot Manual

Overfilling the Instant Pot Past Its Maximum Capacity

This is one way to blow up your Instant Pot! Overfilling your instant pot can cause pressure to build up inside the unit. When you exceed the capacity of your Instant Pot, steam can escape from the safety valves on top or at the bottom of your Instant Pot unit .

Your best bet is to never exceed the maximum fill line indicated on the inside of your Instant Pot. This ensures that you don’t blow up an instant pot or cause an eruption of liquid by overfilling it.

You should also make sure that there’s enough liquid inside the instant pot when cooking recipes like rice and pasta. It’s okay if most of the liquid boils off during cooking, but not all of it!

Safety Tips to Avoid Instant Pot Explosions

Now you know what causes an Instant Pot explosion. Let’s discuss how to avoid this. What can you do to make sure you are less likely to have your Instant Pot explode? Here are some top tips:

Tip #1 – Leave the Lid Alone

As I mentioned before, never open your lid until all of the steam is released. Pressure cooking works by trapping heat and steam inside your Instant Pot so that the food cooks at a consistent pressure along with consistent temperature. Opening it too early can cause some of this heat and steam to escape and suddenly drop leaving your recipe undercooked or moist on the outside and dry on the inside .

Tip #2 – Wait to Adjust Spices

If you’re pressure cooking vegetables and you forgot to add some salt to your recipe, wait until the Instant Pot has released its steam before adding it in. If you try to add in spices or salt while the Instant Pot is under pressure, it may result in an Instant Pot pressure cooker explosion.

Tip #3- Don’t Overfill Your Pot

If you have overfilled your instant pot and liquid begins to spurt out of the vent, turn the pot off and allow it to naturally release. This will prevent food splattering everywhere and prevent accidents and potential burns.

What if My Instant Pot Is Faulty?

If you’ve followed all the instructions and your Instant Pot appears faulty, for example, the lid does not lock in place, you may have a defective pressure cooker. Then you should contact the customer service immediately if you have any safety concerns, who will be happy to assist you.

All in all, blowouts and pressure cooker explosions rarely happen and you really don’t need to worry about it as Instant pots have many safety features to prevent this from occurring. Be sure to read your manual and follow all safety precautions when cooking with your pressure cooker and everything should be just fine.

WILL YOUR INSTant pot explode?

Can an Instant Pot Explode?

The answer to the question, can an Instant Pot explode is Yes. However, will your Instant Pot explode? The chances are very unlikely! If you follow the guidelines and use the safety features correctly as guided by Instant Brands you have nothing to worry about.

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