Why All Gastric Bypass Patients Need a Medic Alert Bracelet

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Medic Alert Bracelet

Having a Gastric Bypass is major surgery and leads to life-changing circumstances. As a consequence, it is important to always wear a gastric bypass medical alert bracelet to alert Emergency responders and medical staff of your bariatric history.

What is a Medical Alert Bracelet? 

Maybe you’re wondering, what is a medical alert bracelet? It’s a medical alert tag or small emblem typically worn as a bracelet. Yet, you can also wear it around your neck on a chain. And, of course, it bears a critical message for those who wear them identifying any medical conditions. Either way wearing medical id jewelry is super important.

medic alert bracelet

Who Should Wear a Medical Alert Charm?

Gastric bypass patients should wear a medical alert bracelet. Medical alert id’s allow medics to quickly read and know the conditions and any special circumstances of those with medical conditions. 

If you have a health condition then you should always wear personalized medical alert bracelets or ids to help ensure you get the right treatment from medical personnel.

Why Should a Gastric Bypass Patient Wear a Medical Alert ID? 

First of all, having your information engraved on a bracelet will help tremendously in any emergency situation. For example, bariatric patients typically cannot tolerate high sugar intake. In addition, if there’s an injury, a responder could attempt to give you pain medication. If that pain medication has simple sugars or other meds that are not appropriate for a gastric bypass patient, your situation could become worst.

Medical Information for Gastric Bypass

If you obtain too many simple sugars, it could result in dumping syndrome. What is dumping syndrome? Dumping Syndrome is when sugar passes too quickly through the stomach and intestines. The results are extremely unpleasant and even dangerous! Dumping Syndrome symptoms include shaking, sweating, dizziness, fast heartbeat and the sudden need to go to the toilet.

Having a medic alert bracelet can ensure the Medic does not exacerbate any symptoms in an emergency by giving medications that can result in dumping syndrome.

More Reasons for Medical Alert Tags

Another important reason to order a medic alert charm is identifying current medications before combining medications that must never be taken during gastric bypass recovery.

Some anti-inflammatory drugs, including aspirin, ibuprofen, and other medications are not to be taken with a gastric bypass.

Following bariatric surgery, a patient has a small pouch size stomach that needs to be protected. Anti-inflammatory medications could cause ulcers, irritation or damage to the bypass pouch. Hence, it’s critical not to take certain medication.

You must take extra precautions and make this clear on a medical alert charm.

What Should I Engrave on My Medical Emergency Bracelet?

There are a few things to consider when deciding what to engrave on your medic alert bracelet.

1) Your Name

2) Name of Surgery – for example, gastric bypass surgery

3) You should mention any other health condition

4) Allergies

5) Emergency Contact name and number

It’s important to keep your contact information up-to-date.

What Happens During Gastric Bypass Surgery?

When a patient has gastric bypass or Roux-en-Y surgery, a small pouched has been created, which generates a bypass. The pouch is small and egg size and the “usual” anatomy one would expect no longer exists.

A medic alert charm alerts that medics of the gastric bypass, therefore alerting them from inserting a gastric tube without extra precautions. A gastric tube could cause serious damage to the stomach. Roux-en-Y patients cannot be given a blind NG tube. If a tube is needed, a camera must be inserted to prevent damage to a now uniquely shaped stomach.

Gastric Bypass Recovery Time

When spending time in the hospital, it’s also important to wear a gastric bypass medical bracelet. Why? The hospital staff will take extra care in following a gastric bypass patient’s special diet.

Plus, you’ll be ensured hospital workers will provide you with the correct type and amount of food. Thus, allowing nutritious food to heal your body instead of damaging and causing pain during your recovery period.

As I mentioned, medic alert bracelets are SO important for SO many reasons! Be sure to get a gastric bypass medical alert bracelet to allow safer conditions and faster recovery.

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