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The Best Instant Pot Homemade Bread Recipes

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I was recently asked, “can you make bread in the Instant Pot? The answer is yes. Instant Pot bread is a great thing to make Instant Pot Bread is super easy too! With these Instant Pot Homemade Bread recipes, you don’t have to worry about going to the store. 

Instant Pot Homemade Bread

Instant Pot Homemade Bread

From super easy no knead bread to delicious zucchini bread, there are lot of options you can make right in your instant pot. Aren’t you glad you got an Instant Pot right before our world turned upside down?! Check out our list of bread recipes you can make! 


Bread, bread, bread, it makes the world go around. And, you can’t find it currently. But, back in the day we just made our own, and we can do the same today!

4 Ingredient No Knead Bread Recipe


There is no need to knead this dough. And you don’t even need an electric mixer. All you need is dry yeast, sugar, warm water, and all-purpose flour.

Instant Pot No-Knead Bread Recipe


Want something even the kids can help make? This is a foolproof bread recipe you just can’t mess up. For this recipe you will need warm water, yeast, table salt and flour.

Orange Blueberry Muffin Bread


Bread isn’t always for dinner. It can be a real sweet treat as a breakfast food too. For this recipe you need all-purpose flower, baking powder, salt, orange zest, unsalted butter, sugar, egg, orange and vanilla extract, milk lemon juice and blueberries.

Gluten Free Brazilian Pao de Quiejo

Pao de Quiejo Close up

If you have ever had Brazilian Cheese bread, you know how incredible it is. This gluten-free recipe is one the whole family will love. All you need is whole milk, oil, kosher salt, tapioca flour, eggs and parmesan cheese.

Jalapeño Cheddar Cornbread

corn bread 3

Getting bored with what you have? Add a little kick to your cornbread with this delicious Jalapeno Cornbread recipe.

Artisan Bread Archives | Garden in the Kitchen

IMG 6933 300x300 1

You don’t need to knead this bread. It takes a small amount of time and it has a great texture and flavour. For this recipe, you will need the following: bread flour, kosher salt, cranberries, pecans, lukewarm water, dry yeast and honey.

Monkey Bread – Cinnamon, Sugar, Ooegy-Gooey Delish!

Facebook Instant Pot Monkey Bread 1

Monkey bread is a household favourite. It’s made with canned biscuits, cinnamon, sugar, and butter, then topped with a delicious powdered sugar icing for a real treat.

Apple Bread With Salted Caramel Icing

Loaded with fresh, delicious apples, this bread recipe calls for no yeast for this one!

Apple Bread

Irish Soda Bread (With Video)

best soda bread

This is a dense bread that is great for pairing with dinner dishes. Additionally, you don’t need yeast for this bread either. So, get baking.

How to Make Cheesy Beer Bread!

Instant Pot Beer Bread

Don’t have any yeast? Well, as long as you have a can of beer, you can still make some good old fashioned bread.

Zucchini Bread

zucchini bread 2

Have a few zucchinis that are going to go bad soon? Whip them into a delicious instant pot bread.

Crusty Sourdough Bread

instant pot sourdough bread recipe c

The great thing about making your own bread is that you don’t have to buy whatever is available. Want sourdough, here you go!

Traditional Bread

Instant Pot Bread

This recipe is perfect for those who want fresh, delicious bread without waiting all day for it

to be done.

Garlic and Parmesan Monkey Bread

Garlic and Parmesan Bread

Once you make this dish once, you’re never going to want another side dish or bread option ever again. It’s really that good and such a simple recipe to make. (and being able to tear off a piece to eat is so much fun!)

How to Store Leftover Bread?

You may keep your bread at room temperature in a sealable bag or an airtight container. You can expect your bread to last anywhere from four to five days on the counter.

FAQ Section for Cooking Bread in an Instant Pot

What Is the Best Flour to Use?

The best flour to use is all-purpose flour. I find that this creates the perfect bread.

Do I Need to Activate the Active Dry Yeast First?

Active dry yeast may be added directly to the flour. However, for a complete success rate, we recommend adding active dry yeast to lukewarm water at 110°F.

Can I Freeze Instant Pot Bread?

You can freeze your instant pot bread! Allow the bread to cool before wrapping it in plastic wrap and placing it in the freezer for the best results. The bread may be kept frozen for up to three months. Simply take it out of the freezer and allow it to thaw naturally while you use it.

Why Did My Bread Stick to the Pan?

Brush the pan with a little bit of cooking oil, then line it with parchment paper or grease it. This will aid in the prevention of sticking during the dough’s rise and baking process.

Instant Pot Yogurt Setting

The Instant Pot’s yogurt button produces a modest, constant heat in an enclosed space that captures steam and creates the ideal condition for proofing dough.

Recipes to Make With Your Bread

If you want more than just water and bread, we have a lot of great recipes that would go great with your fresh bread. Check them out! 

instant pot bread recipes

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