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31 Easy Instant Pot Indian Recipes

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Easy Instant Pot Curry Recipes

Instant pot Indian recipes are a getting more popular online and why wouldn’t they? There is something extremely satisfying about making your own Indian curry recipe. I’m a huge fan of homemade Indian curry. Ever since I was a child I loved it when my mum cooked Indian for tea. 

Instant pot curry recipes are so much better on the family budget and usually far more healthier and tastier than a takeaway bought Indian dish.

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It’s also always cheaper on the family budget and the great thing about Instant pot Indian recipes is that they are often ready in less time than it would take to order and collect a meal. 

There’s plenty of left overs too for freezing or taking to work the next day. Here is a link to a cooking times cheat sheet which may come in handy!

Instant Pot Curry Recipes You Will Love

Here are some delicious recipes. Some has meal and others are fantastic instant pot Indian vegetarian recipes. No matter what your preference I’ve found plenty of curry recipes that I’m sure you will love. 


Vegan Instant Pot Potato Curry

Quick, nutritious and delicious, this potato curry recipe is the perfect no-fuss recipe for the dinner nights when you want to experiment a bit but still don’t want to spend more than 15 minutes in the kitchen.

Instant Pot Matar Paneer Recipe

With a rich and flavorful gravy, this instant pot matar paneer recipe comes together in just around 20 minutes, and is great for when you want to enjoy some delicious homemade Indian food.

Basil Chicken Coconut Curry

Give this basil chicken coconut curry a shot and there’s no turning back. It is super easy, tastes absolutely divine and you’ll end up making it so much more once you try it!

Sweet Potato Curry 

Ready to try a super fragrant and flavor packed meal that is ready in minutes? This sweet potato curry fits the bill and can be great for when you’re preparing dinner in a rush.

Healthy Pot Vegetable Curry

Chock full of seasonal veggies (perfect to utilize all those veggies nearing the end of their shelf life in the refrigerator) and with a touch of Indian spices, this healthy instant pot veggie curry recipe is another great option for the healthy eaters out there.

Instant Pot Chana Masala

Got some chickpeas at home? Give this easy chana masala recipe a shot! Super healthy, takes only 15 minutes to create and super flavorful and tasty, this is again, one of the recipes you can’t go wrong with.


Instant Pot Thai Beef and Potato Curry

Like all good things in the world, this beef and potato curry is super easy to make. Enjoy it with some rice or top it over boiled noodles!


Instant Pot Salmon Tikka Masala

Satisfy your curry cravings with this super easy salmon tikka recipe that you can whip up in your instant pot! Serve it with homemade flatbread or some steamed rice!


Northern Indian Curry in the Instant Pot

100% traditional and true to its flavors, this Northern Indian curry recipe is worth trying if you’re in for a little bit more effort, and are looking to relish the true flavors of India!

More Instant Pot Indian Food Recipe Ideas: Curry

Have you ever roasted a whole cauliflower? Well if not your in for a treat. This Instant pot cauliflower masala recipe is a huge hit and is such a healthy option to try.

There’s also my favourite Indian butter chicken in the instant pot, which happens to be one of my favourites and much more to choose from. Or you may love a paneer recipe.

Instant Pot Whole Roasted Cauliflower in Indian Masala

Full of rich flavors and aromas, this roasted cauliflower recipe is probably the most delicious way to put that veggie to use! Give this a try and we promise, there’s no going back!


Green Curried Chicken

Love the delicious flavors of curry but still don’t want to put in a lot of effort? This green curried chicken is ready in a jiffy and if you’ve got an instant pot, it gets even better.


Instant Pot Thai Butternut Squash Curry

With some delicious butternut squash, this easy curry takes minutes to replicate, and makes for the perfect weeknight dinner option. Another easy comfort food you’ll find yourself making again and again.


Prawns Balchao in the Instant Pot

Craving for something a bit spicy? This easy instant pot recipe calls for prawns, and is super flavorful and with the right amount of fiery kick to it!


Basic Indian Curry

Trying your hands at an Indian recipe for the first time? This one’s the perfect one to get started with- the ultimate no-frills Indian curry recipe that is ready in under 30 minutes in your instant pot.


Instant Pot Lamb Curry

Looking for a quick curry recipe that doesn’t need to you to keep stirring? This instant pot lamb curry is perfect and badass!


Indian Butter Chicken Instant Pot

Butter chicken is the classic Indian dish you’ll find at most Indian restaurants, and it has just the right balance of creamy. sweet and savory flavors that will have you craving for more!


Instant Pot Butter Chicken Freezer Meal

And if you loved the butter chicken, but are looking for an easy version to make and store it in the freezer for the future, this is the recipe to stick to!


Butternut Squash Chicken Curry

Packed with the goodness of butternut squash and the warmth of chicken, this curry is another must try! Plus, it is another one of those time saving recipes you could try.


Punjabi Chole in the Instant Pot

Punjabi Chole is actually a really fragrant and spicy chickpea curry that is best teamed up with steaming rice or flatbread. You’ll be surprised at how easy and healthy it is! Do give this protein rich recipe a try!

Indian Instant Pot Recipes You Won’t Be Able to Resist

These Indian curry recipes are fantastic options. I love the sounds of Palak Rajma Masala. Spinach is such a great source of Iron and the kidney beans are full of protein. 

Indian recipes often are full of goodness, vitamins and minerals that our body craves and needs.

Why not test out a bean recipe or maybe the pumpkin and plantain curry. They all taste so good. 

Instant Pot Tikka Masala Sauce

Tikka masala is probably the most popular and loved of all Indian foods, and that’s because of how delicious it really is. With a thick and creamy texture and all those wonderful flavors that you can replicate in your instant pot, you really don’t want to give this a miss. 


Potato Curry in Tomato Gravy

Discover how insanely delicious the evergreen combination of potatoes and tomatoes can be in this instant pot potato curry recipe. Best of all, it is vegan and gluten free. Need we say more?


Vegan Black Eyed Pea Curry

Unbelievably easy and rich in protein, this black eyed peas curry recipe is another must try, especially if you’re a vegan on the hunt for some easy recipes that you can whip up in your instant pot. 

Palak Rajma Masala Curried Spinach Kidney Beans

With the goodness of kidney beans and the power of spinach, this curry style recipe is sure to be another hit in your kitchen. Side it with a bowl of quinoa or steamed rice and you’re good to go! 


Authentic Indian Butter Chicken

And here’s the most authentic butter chicken recipe you could get your hands on. It is no fuss, ready in minutes, and so delicious you’ll find yourself making it again and again. 

instant pot Butter Chicken

Instant Pot Curry Chicken and Vegetables

Team up chicken and veggies in the flavorful and easy to make curry that you just can’t go wrong with. Perfect when you’re craving for some good old Indian food. 


Chicken and Chickpea Masala

With the tangy and spiciness of the curry and the protein punch of chickpea and chicken, this curry recipe is an excellent healthy dinner option for those days when you’re feeling like indulging in a bit of Indian food. 


Instant Pot Chicken Curry

And of course, if there’s one no-fuss Indian curry recipe that you’d like to stick to for those quick dinners, this is it! The perfect comforting dish that is packed full of flavor. 


Pumpkin and Plantain Curry

Full of delicious autumn flavors and the creaminess of coconut milk, this pumpkin curry is a must try if you’re thinking Indian during autumn and don’t know where to start.

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