Fantastic Instant Pot Dal Recipe Ideas

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Instant Pot Dal Recipe Ideas

If your looking for a fantastic instant pot dal recipe then look no further. Today I am sharing some fantastic pressure cooker dal recipes using different types of lentils. Whether your looking for a creamy dal makhani recipe or a more traditional red lentil dal recipe we have some real winners here on for you to try! 

Which instant pot dal recipe will you choose to make? There are so many to try out! Enjoy!

instant pot dal recipes

Lentil Recipes for the Family

I’ve always loved lentils. They have been a staple in my diet for as long as I can remember. My mum always added lentils to our soups and as we grew older she experimented with different dal recipes in the home.

Today I am sharing my love of lentil recipes and hope you love these Indian dal recipe ideas as much as I do. 

The Best Pressure Cooker Dal Recipes

Today we have ten amazing Instant pot dal recipe options for you to try in your pressure cooker. If you’re a fan of Dal then try these instant pot batch cook recipes today! They taste so delicious and are super healthy for the whole family to enjoy.

Dal Palak / Spinach Lentil Curry-Instant Pot, Vegan – Profusion Curry

Have you tried Dal Palak in the instant pot? Find out how to make dal palak in your pressure cooker over on Profusion Curry.


Instant Pot Dal Tadka

Dal Tadka is a great recipe to cook in your instant pot. In fact this dal tadka recipe uses yellow lentils and is also known as the chaunk or bagar in different parts of India. Try this delicious instant pot indian recipe today!


Dal Tadka-Dal Fry-Spicy Indian Lentils-Instant Pot

Spicy lentils are a fantastic treat and this spicy lentil recipe is one of my favourite spicy instant pot Indian recipes. Check out this recipe, it’s absolutely delicious.


Instant Pot Quinoa Dal Khichdi – Pressure Cooker Khichdi

Here is a quinoa and dal recipe which you may enjoy cooking in your pressure cooker. Dal Khichdi is a healthy, wholesome and tasty Indian dish with plenty of flavour. You’ll love the tumeric in this instant pot recipe and there are so many health benefits!


Easy Spinach Dal With Rice – Instant Pot

Need to load up on Iron? Why not try this traditional spinach dal recipe. This Spinach dal has plenty of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron and has great nutritional value in addition to taste!


Spicy Coconut Red Lentil Dal (Instant Pot + Stovetop)

This spicy coconut red lentil dal packs a punch and is gluten free and vegan friendly. This easy vegan dal recipe is creamy and delicious and a recipe that goes well with rice or naan bread.


Instant Pot Langar KI Dal , Indian Vegetarian Lentils

Try this instant pot dal recipe from The Two Sleevers. It’s a great dal recipe and one that has proven to be very popular!


Mango Dal

Mango dal is a delicious recipe from the Cooking Carnival blog. Using lentils, mango and veg, this delicious Indian instant pot recipe is full of goodness and nutrition and tastes delightful!


Pressure Cooker Chana Dal With Spinach

Pressure cooker Chana dal is easy to cook and can taste so good. This chana dal instant pot recipe is simple to make and is served over steamed basmati rice and garnished with greek yogurt.


Pressure Cooker Rice and Dal

You can try this pressure cooker rice and dal recipe today. Both the dal and the rice is cooked at the same time using a trivet. It’s a classic two in one instant pot dish!


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Instant pot Dal Recipes

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