Vegan Friendly Instant Pot Puttanesca Pasta Recipe

This Instant Pot Pasta Puttanesca Recipe would be great for a quick dinner after a busy day, or when you have a busy evening, or in place of fast food.

You can add more toppings, or less if you prefer, but the Pasta in the light sauce will surely become a favourite.


Fettuccini  Extra virgin olive oil Crushed red pepper Worcestershire sauce Tomato paste Chicken broth Capers Sweet onion Garlic Italian seasoning

First, open the Fettuccini, break in half and place in the liner of the Instant Pot. Add the olive oil, and toss the Pasta in the oil to coat.

Add the crushed red pepper, Worcestershire sauce,  tomato paste, chicken broth, capers, onion, garlic,  Italian seasoning, garlic salt,  seasoned pepper, and  brown sugar and stir all ingredients.

Next, pour the mixture over the pasta, and stir, covering the pasta in the sauce. Make sure all the pasta is submerged in the sauce.

Finally, place the lid on the Instant Pot, and make sure the pressure valve is set to ‘SEALING’, and press the MANUAL button, and set the time for 4 minutes.

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