Smores Instant Pot Popcorn

Are you ready for an Instant Pot Popcorn that the kids are going to love? Who says that you need a campfire to get that delicious s’mores taste?

This simple s’mores popcorn recipe is fast, easy, and tastes just like the real deal!


- Popcorn Kernels - Butter - Salt - White Chocolate Melting Wafers - Mini Marshmallows - Mini Milk Chocolate Chips - Graham Crackers

Turn your instant pot on to sauté mode. Wait for it to get hot, and then add in your butter. Let your butter completely melt.

Add in your popcorn kernels and salt. Stir well to coat your kernels with the butter and salt.

Place the lid on your instant pot to seal in the heat. Your popcorn kernels will start to pop.

Allow them to continue to pop until you stop hearing popping for at least 20 seconds.

Once they have stopped popping for at least 20 seconds, press cancel on your instant pot and remove the lid.

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