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23 Instant Pot Asian Recipes

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My family love foreign recipes, and we also love to use our pressure cooker to make tasty make Asian Instant Pot recipes. Today I am sharing a fantastic selection of Instant Pot Asian recipes which includes pressure cooker recipes from Japan, Thailand, India and of course my favorite… Instant pot Chinese recipes.

instant pot asian recipes

Why Make Instant Pot Asian Recipes?

Whenever we eat out as a family or order take-out we love to try Asian food. My daughter loves to visit our local Chinese “Wok Fusion”, however, takeaways are not the healthiest and they also cost much more money than homemade Instant Pot recipes.

Since purchasing our Instant Pot a few years ago, we have been able to experiment with different Asian pressure cooker recipes from Indian chicken dishes to Japanese rice. Today I’m sharing some of the best Asian Instant Pot Recipes we have created. Enjoy!

Healthy Asian Instant Pot Recipes

Making Instant Pot Chinese recipes or any Asian Instant Pot recipe is generally healthier than takeaways. Using fresh ingredients and minimal oil, you can create some of your favorite dishes in your pressure cooker in less time and with fewer calories.

Instant Pot Chinese Recipes

Here are 25 Instant Pot Asian Recipes including Indonesian recipes, Japanese, Chinese, Indian and more. The first six recipes are all Instant Pot Chinese recipes.

Instant Pot Chinese Pork Recipe

Making Instant Pot Chinese Pork is super easy. Using some of my favourite ingredients from soy sauce, sesame oil and Chinese five spice, this delicious Asian-inspired recipe is sure to go down a treat! Top with toasted sesame seeds for a bit of crunch.

Instant Pot Chinese Pork

Instant Pot Lo Mein Recipe

If you’re a fan of Chinese food you’ll love this Instant Pot Lo Mein recipe. We love noodles with vegetables and you can make your own version today with this fantastic and easy Instant Pot Lo Mein Recipe. It’s much healthier than take out too!

This recipe includes some delicious ingredients to go with the chicken such as sesame oil, and low-sodium dark soy sauce to bring out authentic flavors.

Instant Pot Lo Mein

Instant Pot Chinese Honey Chicken

You may want to try this Instant pot Chinese honey chicken dish which is super tasty and delicious. Using boneless skinless chicken thighs or chicken breast you’ll have a sticky and sweet Chinese Instant Pot recipe on the table in no time. Honey chicken pairs great with Instant Pot jasmine rice!

instant pot honey chicken

Instant Pot Stir Fry Beef

If you’re a fan of beef and stir fry then cook up this Chinese Instant Pot Stir Fry recipe. Using flank steak, green onions, and brown sugar, this recipe takes Asian cuisine to another level. Serve with one of your favorite rice dishes, white rice or fried rice for a delicious meal.

instant pot stir fry beef recipe

Instant Pot Chinese Chicken Curry

This Chinese chicken curry pressure cooker recipe is for all you curry lovers out there. Chinese spices are packed into this delicious curry which goes perfectly with white rice. This flavorful sauce is a must-try!

Instant pot chicken curry

Instant Pot Panda Express Chow Mein

Panda Express Chow Mein is a delicious meal and can be very popular. Now you can make this at home with my Instant Pot Panda express chow mein recipe. I use seared chicken pieces as well as noodles and veggies to create the perfect-tasting chow mein which goes perfectly with soy sauce or sweet chilli dipping sauce. You’ll love this pressure cooker recipe I’m sure.


Instant Pot Asian Chicken Recipes

If you’re looking for an Instant Pot Asian chicken recipe, then here are some real winner-winner chicken dinners that the whole family will love. When we make these delicious recipes, the pot is usually scraped clean and I’ve found people wanting more!


Instant Pot Sweet and Sour Chicken

Asian Chicken Instant Pot Recipes are so yummy. If you want to make sweet and sour chicken in your Instant Pot then check then it’s really easy to cook. You’ll need fresh tender chicken for this sweet and sour dish and it’s easy to make in your electric pressure cooker.

instant pot sweet and sour chicken

Pressure Cooker Chicken Marsala With Golden Potatoes

If you’re a fan of Indian Chicken recipes, then check out our take on Instant Pot Chicken Marsala. This is a great recipe and is cooked with golden potatoes, providing a hearty meal and a delicious recipe. If you don’t want to cook with potatoes you can also serve this marsala dish with sticky rice.

instant pot marsala and potatoes

General Tso’s Chicken Cooked in the Instant Pot

Love General Tso Chicken? Well, now you can make this fantastic copycat recipe in your pressure cooker. This spicy Chinese takeout favorite combines crunchy chicken and a sweet-spicy sauce that everyone loves. Now you can make this classic Chinese dish in your Instant Pot with ease!

General Tso Chicken

Instant Pot Fire Cracker Chicken

Looking for something with a kick? Then try this Instant Pot Fire Cracker Chicken recipe today. It’s not too hot but is a great Japanese dish to cook when you fancy an oriental recipe in your trusty pressure cooker. You can even make this using frozen chicken if you’re in a hurry and it has a quick cooking time.

No need to visit Wagamama when you can make this Asian chicken recipe in the comfort of your own home! Grab the red pepper flakes and toasted spices ready for a kick of spice.

instant pot firecracker chicken

Instant Pot Orange Chicken

Our next Instant Pot Asian chicken recipe is Instant Pot Orange Chicken. This sweet and tangy Asian chicken dish is simple to make in the pressure cooker and my whole family love it.

Serve some Instant Pot rice or noodles and you’ll have a delicious Friday night meal in no time. Cooking rice is easy and it goes perfectly with this homemade dinner.

instant pot Orange Chicken

Instant Pot Thai Recipes

Here is a delicious assortment of Instant Pot Thai recipes. If you’re looking for something to have for dinner tonight then the following recipes are the perfect pressure cooker Asian meal.

Instant Pot Thai Chicken Curry

This Thai chicken pressure cooker recipe is simple to cook and will have the whole family asking for more. It’s a simple Thai recipe that comes together in no time. Enjoy Asian cooking and make Thai Curry in the Instant Pot today.

instant pot thai chicken recipe

Instant Pot Thai Chicken Soup

This Thai chicken pressure cooker soup recipe is an easy Instant Pot dump-and-dash recipe. It’s a delicious and hearty soup that you’ll want to have all year round. It’s a great Asian soup for lunch or dinner and your family will love it.

instant pot thai soup recipe

More Instant Pot Asian Recipe Ideas

For more Asian recipes why not try one of the following:

Instant Pot Egg Drop Soup

Cooked in a flavorful broth, egg drop soup is a classic Chinese dish that can be served as a soup or appetizer. This is a great Asian soup to make in the Instant Pot.

instant pot egg drop soup

Instant Pot Mongolian Beef

This delicious beef stir-fry makes a flavorful dinner and pressure cooking it helps keep the beef tender and juicy. Serve with noodles, fried rice, or steamed rice. Try Instant Pot Mongolian beef today!

Instant Pot Mongolian Beef

Instant Pot Teriyaki Chicken

This is a flavorful and delicious Japanese dish which can be made in the Instant Pot. Serve this with sticky rice for a great dinner. This Instant Pot Teriyaki chicken is topped with crunchy sesame seeds and has an amazing taste.

Teriyaki Chicken Top shot

Instant Pot Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Pao chicken is a delicious Chinese dish perfect for meal prepping. It’s a great lunch or dinner option that can be cooked in the Instant Pot with ease.

instant pot kung pao chicken recipe in a pressure cooker

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is an Instant Pot?

The Instant Pot is a 7-in-1 cooker which includes a rice cooker, a pressure cooker a slow cooker a yoghurt maker, a cake maker and a steamer. You can use it to sauté or brown your meats before cooking and it’s extremely easy to use too.
There are lots of recipes here at The Instant Pot Table including cooking times for meats, vegetables and rice in the Instant pot so all you need to do is look up your favorite Chinese recipe and test it out!

Do I Need a Pressure Cooker?

No, you do not need a pressure cooker to enjoy Asian recipes at home, however, it’s super easy and makes cooking much quicker. If you are cooking to save time then it’s well worth the investment.

Try Instant Pot Asian Recipes Today

Using Asian flavors, from soy sauce to rice vinegar to coconut milk, oyster sauce and fresh ginger you can make the best Asian Instant Pot recipes and your family is sure to love them too!

instant pot asian recipes

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