Instant Pot Crack Chicken Pin Wheels Instant Pot Recipe

These Crack Chicken Pin Wheels are the best! Made with simple ingredients and are ready in less than 20 minutes of time!

This is the perfect easy appetizer or simple dinner recipe that you’ve been waiting for!


Chicken breast Salt Pepper Thick bacon Cream cheese Ranch mix Shredded cheddar cheese Milk Tortillas

Place your trivet in the instant pot and add one cup of water.

Mix together your salt and pepper. Season each side of your chicken.

Put your chicken breast on the trivet. Close the lid on the Instant pot and close the sealing valve. Turn your Instant Pot to High pressure for eight minutes.

Remove your chicken and shred. Set aside.

Remove your trivet the water from your instant pot. Turn your instant pot on to sauté mode. Once hot, sauté your bacon pieces until fully cooked. Remove and then set aside.

Add to a large bowl your chicken, bacon, Cream cheese, ranch mix, shredded cheese, and milk.

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