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Instant Pot Parsnip Soup That Is Bariatric Friendly

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Instant Pot Parsnip Soup That Is Bariatric Friendly

My very first evening meal following Gastric bypass surgery was a delicious parsnip soup. I was on a liquid and pureed food diet for many weeks following my bariatric surgery and finding delicious low carb soup recipes for the pureed food diet stage was something I struggled to do.

Today I am sharing my very own parsnip soup recipe.

I do love sharing bariatric friendly recipes as they also work well for those following a low carb diet or simply for someone wanting to try a healthy and budget friendly soup idea.


Parsnip Soup After Bariatric Surgery

Following bariatric surgery patients need to eat small meals that are low in fat and low in sugar.

Bariatric cream soup recipes often use skimmed milk rather than cream giving a creamy texture whilst still staying low in fat.

This is a delicious recipe for parsnip soup that my whole family love. My husband and daughter wanted a second helping last time they tried it.

Each serving of this delicious bariatric creamed soup contains 9g of carbs from the Parsnip which is not too bad at all.

What You Will Need For This Parsnip Soup Recipe

  • 400g or 1 pound of parsnips
  • 1 large onion
  • 400 ml boiling water
  • 2 vegetable stock cubes
  • salt and pepper
  • 100 ml Semi Skimmed Milk
IMG 0386

How To Make Bariatric Friendly Creamed Parsnip Soup

This instant pot or pressure cooker soup is a great way to make a healthy soup quick and easy for all the family. The recipe makes 8 servings which is great if your wanting to batch cook.

By adding skimmed milk instead of cream you can still get a creamed soup texture with all the delicious flavours.

IMG 0425

Making Instant Pot Parsnip Soup

Begin by chopping the onion and the parsnip into small pieces.

Turn on the browning button to start using your Instant pot. Add the onion and saute.

IMG 0384

Once the onion is soft, combine the boiling water and vegetable stock into a jug and pour into the pressure cooker once dissolved.


Add the chopped parsnip into the instant pot, put the lid in place and set the instant pot on the stew or soup section for 25 minutes.

IMG 0418

Once the instant pot has finished cooking the soup, liquify the mixture using a handheld blender or pour into a larger blender.


Add salt and pepper to the pureed soup. Finally add the milk and stir to create a creamy soup texture.

IMG 0425 1

Your bariatric friendly parsnip soup is ready to serve. Enjoy.

sOUP 1

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