Instant Pot Egg Roll In A Bowl: Keto Friendly And Low Carb

This Instant Pot Egg Roll In A Bowl recipe is the answer to your needs!  This simple dinner recipe is great for keto diets and also for those who are on weight watchers as well.

Cutting out the carbs has never been more simple than with this tasty egg roll in a bowl! Get ready to enjoy a tasty dinner recipe,  guilt-free!


Ground pork Pre-shredded cole slaw mix Bone broth Soy sauce Garlic powder Ground ginger Pepper Salt

Turn the Instant Pot to sauté mode. Once Instant Pot warms, add your  ground meat, soy sauce,  and seasonings then brown.

Add the broth then add the cole slaw mix over the meat without mixing.

Set the Instant pot to high pressure for  zero minutes. When cooking is finished, release the pressure and then remove the lid.

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